200+ Medical Journals call UN for urgent actions on climate change

An Editorial published in more than 220 leading medical journals where issues regarding climate change are mentioned. 

Health is mainly concerned at a continuous risk due to climate change. According to the authors, health is being harmed due to the effects of climate change. 

Medical journals across the world warned on Monday about the growing health risks. It said that global warming is causing certain problems to people’s health. Thus there is a need for emergency actions on climate change. 

Medical Journals And Analysis On Climate And Health!

There are health related warnings in the journals. On the other hand there are also recommendations and actions, one can see through the journals. 

It said that health and immunity of people is influenced by the unusual increases and disturbances in the natural environment. The natural air quality alone would be necessary for the well being of peoples. 

Estimating the mortality rate among 60 years olds, it is continuously increasing about 50 percent. Due to higher temperatures, the people are getting severely dehydrated. 

Other health problems include: loss in renal functions, pregnancy complications, different kinds of allergies, dermatological diseases, and cardiovascular related issues. 

UN Concerns On Most Vulnerables For Climate Change

The UN’s Intergovernmental panel on climate change stated that it is the beginning of climate destruction following the effects in developing countries. 

Among them the most vulnerable are the poorer communities, women and children living below poverty levels. As climate hits the natural environment, the natural resources such as agriculture are spoiled in most of the regions. 

Recently the UN Chief Warns about the climate’s catastrophic effects in madagascar. Same would be seen in most African regions. People are dying due to malnutrition and through various climate born diseases. 

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Statement Of WHO’s Chief

In a response to the publication of journals, WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus gave a statement. It pertains that every action would be taken to limit global warming. It will then lead to a healthier and safer future.

About The Climate Born Health Issues 

Climate changes are increasing in the form of greater levels of heat waves, more floods and droughts. Collectively these climate born impacts are increasing the number of illness, disease, injuries and deaths.

The health issues through climate change could be classified in three broad categories. 

  1. Injuries and deaths due to intense heat waves, storms and floods
  2. Agriculture failures causing food insecurity and malnutrition issues
  3. Infectious diseases such as water, and vector borne diseases.

The major problem is the intensity of hazards and the capacity of health systems to overcome these effects of climatic changes. 

Who Is Responsible For Climate Change And Its effects?

It is a highly arising question in today’s world that how is the climate going to change and who would be responsible. Climate change is such an evolutionary process and done through human induced actions.

Those countries which are continuously developing in industrial sectors and high in population are quite likely to be responsible the most. According to the survey, the most developed countries are responsible for generating carbon emissions.

Thus it counts that only twenty countries are responsible as a source of more than 80 percent of greenhouse gases. Among these, 40 percent of greenhouse gases are emitting from China and the USA is in the 2nd position, emitting 28 percent of greenhouse gases.

This is the worst situation and the threats are going towards developing nations. The people used to see these climatic conditions in the face of certain unusual disasters. 

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