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5 tips to read in an effective way

Reading is the most exciting thing that if you get addicted to, it’s still beneficial. Many people around try to develop their interest in books but fail to become a good reader. So if you are one of those, here are some of the tips for becoming a good reader. 

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Just Start Reading 

To be honest, the very first thing which matters is just to start reading. And if you’ve started already, try to maintain the pace of at least ten pages per day of it. Whether you read non-fiction or fiction, the most crucial step is to begin. 

Start Reading in Morning 

You may have seen in many movies that people read their books at night more. Well, this is good, but only if you read fiction. Reading fiction at night will provide you with an entertaining night. However, if you like to devote your time to non-fiction, it is best to schedule it for the morning. Now it is not necessary to spend the morning just on non-fiction.

You can actually read any sort of book in the morning. Starting a day with books makes your entire day with productivity. And starting from the morning can actually help you a lot because you don’t know how hectic your day will be, whether you’ll be able to take out some time for reading or not.

However, if you are still comfortable reading at night or any other time, you can still continue with that. But all the way, you have to maintain the consistency of that. Reading in the morning gives you the schedule of doing it every day, so if you choose some other time, try to maintain it.

Avoid Excuses 

There are many people you ask why don’t they read books, then the most common excuse you’ll get from them is the lack of time. The same guy can finish the entire Breaking Bad in just three days, can scroll through thousands of reels, can check out the latest meme trend of Instagram and still can’t afford the time for books. 

While reading books, you must keep your phone away from yourself to avoid distractions. Try to cut off some time from social media like Instagram and spend on these books. 

Read in Varieties 

Reading a book can be difficult for you in the first place because of its size and tons of fancy words. So firstly, it is essential to build a reading habit instead of creating a pattern of reading books. These two are entirely different. Before reading a full of 600 pages book, try to start with something small. Take baby steps. Well, above, I just ask you to avoid social media, but here you can use it to read short stories available on it. 

Well, finding a good short story is a lot easier on google too, but accept it, you can’t get away from Instagram just for 10 min. And, of course, you also got the idea of that from the global outage. So if you can’t rid of Instagram, why don’t you use it in your favour? Just simply follow the pages which post short stories and read them at your feed. 

Read Multiple Books

Well, it may happen that after starting your reading pace, you may get bored of it after some time. And it’s completely okay. It’s not a flaw of yours. But it’s better to read multiple sorts of books to keep your attachment maintain with them. Like, you can try to read non-fictional personal growth books starting the day to start your day productively. And then in the evening, you can read finance-related books to know about your finances. At last, before your sleep, you can also try fiction to have an entertaining night.  

So this way you’ll have complete knowledge as well as entertainment. However, this was just an example; you can read multiple books the way you want.

But most importantly, read 20 pages a day, and love the process. You can also join book clubs, learn about more books from Goodreads


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