51 Nigerian athletes qualified for Olympics till now

A proud moment for Nigeria as fifty-one athletes qualified for the various events for the Olympics are about to begin in the coming month. President of the Nigerian Olympic Committee, Habu Ahmed Gumel, revealed the information. He said that NOC and the Ministry of Sports are working together to ensure that Nigeria performs better in the tournament than in the last two seasons. They are hoping to get more and more athletes to qualify in different events before the shutdown of the qualifying window for the Olympics.

On the final day of the Nigeria Olympians Association Awards in Abuja, in the past weekend, the NOC and Ministry of Sports decided to take Team Nigeria for their training and acclimatization tour to Kizirazu, Japan. Habu Gumel emphasized that Nigeria needs fit and highly trained athletes to represent their country in the Tokyo Olympics. He appreciates the efforts of the Ministry of Sports in supporting NOC and helping in training athletes.

On Sunday, in Lagos, Team Nigeria’s mixed relay team became the latest group of athletes to qualify for the Olympics. The mixed relay team now joins the women 4×100 m  and  4×400 m teams to Tokyo. The qualification of three relay teams boosts the confidence for Team Nigeria as the medal-winning probability increased. The AFN’s (Athletics Federation of Nigeria) president, Tony Okowa, ensured that the training camps would be set up as soon as possible for the adequate training of the athletes before going to Tokyo.

Talking about the rowing event, Nigeria has boosted its hope in the rowing field. The athlete Tamaramiyebi Esther got approval for a monthly training scholarship and a yearly training scholarship for her coach, Mrs. Regina Enofe. The Rowing, Canoe, and Sailing Federation also ensured to provide the best rowing boats and modern instruments and, of course, best coaches to strengthen the athletes in the sport.

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