7 Tips To Improve Internet Connection And Boost Wifi Signals

Internet Connection and Wi-Fi signals are getting slow due to a number of reasons. This would cause trouble when using the internet.

Anytime, when you’re watching videos on Netflix, playing video games or connecting with your family online, you must improve your internet connection and boost the Wi-Fi signals. 

There are different ways to make your connection feasible. Here are 7 useful tips for this purpose. 

Improve Internet Connection Through Creative Cabling  

Creative cabling suggests you place your router at a better position. A central location would be the best. This is going to be worth the effort for the best results. 

All your devices like smartphones, PC and laptops require a creative physical proximity to the routers. For better results, you can mount the router halfway up a wall. 

An average wireless router has a range of 150 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors. 

Thus, it is almost enough range to cover a medium size apartment. For further results you need to focus on other obstacles that might influence the internet coverage. 

Upgrade Your Internet Connection And Router

This is one of the things you should consider every year to upgrade your internet system. Since, routers vary in functionality according to the brands and proximity within houses.

It further depends on internet usage and size of your house. If you have a bigger house then you must need to install a router that can pair with “repeaters”. However the best router brands include: Netgear, TP link, Asus or Linksys etc. 

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Add A Powerline Plug To Your Internet Connection 

This is such an addition to your internet connection after installing a Powerline Plug to it. Powerline devices catch the digital signals frequently through electrical wirings. 

This is also one of the examples to update the internet connection. Thus the best producers of the powerline networking kits include Netgear, TP link etc. 

Thus you may connect the powerline plug to the router then put the plug to the wall socket. It will provide a wireless connection to the room. However this may slow down internet speed to other rooms. Hence, get another powerline plug to the room you need the most. 

Check Out Other Equipment’s That Cause Network Interference

It is important to know which equipment runs on radio signals in your home. As, router works on radio signals, it has its own frequency.

Other equipment works on radio signals include: Microwave, baby monitors, wireless cameras, cordless telephones, satellite tv receivers, or RF video transmitters. 

After knowing this, you must know whether your router is working on the same frequency as in other wireless equipment. This will interfere more with the internet signals. Thus you must set the internet connection to better coverage. 

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Reset Your Internet Connection Regularly

This is one of the important options for any electronic device. Resetting the internet would give a boost to your network signals. However if your wireless connection loses signal strength regularly then resetting the router might help to deal with it. 

Thus, you can use DD-WRT that will reset your router on a regular schedule everyday.  A regular reset will work better for proper internet services. 

Check Out Your PC 

Sometimes the internet on your PC or laptops perpetually remains slow. However other devices seem fine with the internet working. 

For this you need to inspect the factors affecting internet services. Go to the task manager or Activity Monitor and check which programs are running in the background. There are certain programs set on auto-update that don’t need to be. 

Set your PC for better internet access and don’t skip to check whether there are apps auto updating in the background. Thus this surely slows the interest signals. 

Install Anti-Virus And Malware Scanner 

Viruses or malware can put a major influence on your internet speed. Plus, it will add a danger to the system software’s in the PC. For this you must install an antivirus or malware scanner for protection against these issues. 

Thus set your malware Scanner on a regular basis for scanning purposes. Consult a computer technician if you already have a virus within the PC to remove it for easy browsing. 

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