A crisis in Ethiopia by Tigray Region

As the world is currently going through the crisis in Afghanistan, another humanitarian tragedy is getting severe.

In Ethiopia, the conflict between the central government of Abiy Ahmed and the northern Tigray region has resulted in a full-grown civil war. This getting flourish by the dirty political grievances as well as ethnic enmities.

So in this crisis, it’s the perfect time to focus and get strict on the government of Addis Ababa. 

The familiar crisis

The international rights groups are observing some familiar crises repeating themselves in Ethiopia. There’s a terror of rape and hunger all around there. They are using child soldiers and several genocides. The death rate from the brawl is in the range of tens to thousands. And more than the counting millions have been displaced from the place. 

But unfortunately, this is not the end of the worse. According to the UN agencies, thousands of Ethiopians are going to face famine. And this food crisis is happening due to the fighting. The brawl is preventing the transfer of food aid to civilians. 

A noble price winner Abiy has ignored the many official appeals from the international community to stop the reason for the crisis. 

However, this crisis has refreshed the old memories of Ethiopia of experiencing famine. During the 80s of Ethiopia, more than a million, have lost their lives due to starvation and malnutrition. 

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The Success in Crisis?

Ethiopia once used to be the second-most populous nation in Africa until the civil war. And recently, the economic success of the country has become an example for other developing countries.  

But this success is now in danger as the conflicts are a vital enemy of the economy. The risk premium of Ethiopia in the dollar’s debt has doubled this year. 

Many investors are settling the pleas for a debt with the governments. The US treasuries have taken up 987 basis bands, but the average spread is only 541 basis points with African dollar bonds.

Still, Abiy is not much in the considerations of economic and humanitarian crisis. His party has won the election with a large majority in parliament in June. And this has become an approval of his no-compromise moment in the war next to the Tigrayans.

However, the fillings got messed up more since then. An alliance has formed in support of Tigrayans against the government. 

What’s next?

The African Union is themselves clueless to the government. And Addis Ababa gets their headquarters from here. Somehow this doesn’t support the trust in rebels feeding out there. The United Nation pleas for the stopping the fire was ignored from both the sides. 

On the other hand, the Biden administration is getting the edge with some leverage. For American foreign aid, Ethiopia is sub-Saharan Africa’s largest beneficiary. Managing about 1 billion dollars last year. At the same time, another prominent donor and trading partner are the European Union. 

Earlier, many EU and US assistance were facing suspension, but this did not affect the restraining of Abiy. 

Abiy would snub the US special envoy, just in case if Biden missed this disobedience. 

With the failing financial restrictions and shuttle diplomacy, the western government needs to lean a bit to the prime minister to pause the fighting and continue the aid services.  

The Biden administration can help in this by prohibiting non-essential aids to Addis Ababa.

However, if they show a bit of kindness more, they can also help in this crisis by suspending assistance from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. 

Abby is seeking help somewhere after anticipating the western pressure. After searching for a while, he got a Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on a visit there.  

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