A look at 5 WhatsApp features that could launch soon

WhatsApp head, Will Cathcart, recently revealed that the company will soon be launching five new features including disappearing messages and the ‘View Once’ option.

What are the five new features of WhatsApp?

1. Disappearing Messages:

Users currently have a disappearing message feature but its functioning will be further expanded by enabling disappearing messages in the chat thread.

The disappearing message feature needs to be turned on manually for each chat, which will allow messages to be deleted after a set period of time.

2. View once feature:

Like Instagram’s disappearing messages/stories feature, WhatsApp will also have a ‘view once’ feature that will allow users to share photos and videos that can be viewed only once.

3. Multi device support:

WhatsApp has been testing this feature for months. Currently, users can only log into one device but multi-device support will allow them to log in via a separate device as well means you can log into your WhatsApp account with more than one device at the same time.

4. Missed group calls:

WhatsApp is said to be working on a feature that will allow you to join group missed calls later.

If someone invites you to join a group call and cannot join in at that time, this feature will allow you to join the group call later if the call hasn’t ended.

5. WhatsApp read later:

This feature will replace the existing archived chats feature and will not bring the archived chats up, on top of the messaging app.

Currently, when you archive any chat in WhatsApp the app camouflage it in the archive section, and you don’t see it. However, when a new message notification pops up, the archived chat automatically emerges on the top of the screen.

With the new ‘Read Later’ feature, WhatsApp will eliminate these interruptions.

In an interview with WaBetaInfo, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, confirmed the launching of all these features soon, as they are still under the testing phase.

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