A new batch of Coronavirus found in China

Chinese researchers found a new batch of coronavirus in bats, that is almost identical to covid 19.

Research led in a small province of southwestern China shows that many coronaviruses are found in horseshoe bats.

In total, 24 novel coronavirus genomes from different bat species were assembled, that includes four SARS-CoV-2 like coronaviruses.

Bats are prominent entertainers for a variety of viruses that cause severe diseases in humans and have been associated with the rapid spread of the Ebola virus, and, most notably, coronaviruses.

Aside from bats and humans, coronaviruses can infect a wide range of household and violent animals.

New Batch Sampling:

Weifeng Shi of the University of Shandong and colleagues collected specimens from small, bats living in the forest, between May 2019 and May 2020. They tested urine and faeces as well as taking swabs from the bats’ mouths.

Three of the samples found from these bats are closely related to the virus that caused this pandemic.

The SARS virus that caused an outbreak in 2002-2004 was tracked to an animal called a civet cat.

People hunt and eat bats, and bats can infect other animals that are also hunted and eaten by species. 

Viruses can infect people when they handle or slaughter the animals.

Coronavirus originated from a lab in Wuhan and spread through the world.

The world has come to a halt due to the Coronavirus and many lives had been taken.

Someone allegedly ate an infected bat or an infected animal causing the virus to spread and hence Corona outbreak became a pandemic in no time.

Corona vaccines are made available to the public and most populations of the world are under the process of establishing immunity from this deadly virus.

Coronavirus global tally records 175,776,337 cases and a total of 3,791,869 deaths.

The coronavirus has affected 220 countries and territories.

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