A Tribute To Bangladeshi Women

Women remained underprivileged historically. Equal rights and gender equality are not a myth if we take the example of Bangladeshi women. The one who strived hard to get acceptance in all sectors of life and economics. Bangladeshi uprising picture has foundations of women participation. 

Traditional women’s roles remained bars for the economic prosperity of women. A century of the digital revolution is having hope in Bangladeshi women’s endeavors. It’s a long journey in which the civil society of Bangladesh encouraged women’s activities. 

Key Motivators Of Women Empowerment Process

Education, equal job opportunities, justice, and collective support are key motivators of the women’s empowerment process. Western institutions had strong backing to uphold conditions of Bangladeshi women. 

If we grasp the economic figures of the country, we can see women are 51% in the Garment sector. It is the fastest-growing sector of Bangladeshi exports. 

Currently, the country lies in the 50th rank of the World Economic Forum Gender Gap Index. It is in the second position in Asia. It all happened due to continued improvement in socio-economic measures and increased labor force participation.

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Status of Bangladeshi Women

Bangladeshi women cherish their rightful place in society. They are occupying positions in government, politics, law enforcement agencies, sports, business, journalism, etc. 

Economic empowerment is directly proportional to increased decision-making power. It was a long journey of Bangladeshi Women’s tireless efforts. They overcame many hurdles.

Realizing Reality 

This article is a little striving to pay tribute to the country’s women. They support their family, their country will have all their limitations. Surely recognition will let them appreciate it. 

No doubt a lot more Bangladeshi women have to achieve. They are not working in ideal environments. They are doing their jobs with very low pays. Though economic indicators present bright sides to the economy. But no one can deny the common poor man or woman is having more difficult times now than ever. 

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