A whirlwind of UK-France relations

The UK and France rivalry stem from the obvious fact that Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle didn’t like each other. Once, Winston Churchill exploded in frustration at Charles de Gaulle just before D-Day to say that; In case anyone compels England to pick either Europe and the open seas. It would always pick the open seas. He expressed his anger; “The French chief hates Britain and is too dictatorial. He has left a path of Anglophobia behind him everywhere.”

The UK and French rivalry are extremely old and the most recent submarine deal has been thought to aggravate it. Relations between the two nations were already facing strain over the repercussions of Brexit. Furthermore, the UK’s demand to France to restrict the number of evacuees and migrants crossing the Channel.

Tensions escalated between The UK and France after AUKUS

Tensions rose last week after the UK decided to join the US and Australia in the August deal. That forced Canberra to drop a £48bn submarine deal with France and supplant it with atomic technology from the UK and US. A well-thought game plan negotiated with no prior knowledge to French authorities.

Johnson further deepened the wound by saying that; the UK, US and Australia didn’t expect such great strength of the French response over AUKUS.

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France cancels missile collaboration meeting with the UK

Florence Parly – the minister of armed forces – has to travel to England to meet with Defense Secretary Ben Wallace over a long-awaited defense deal.

But, French sources affirmed that it has been called off due to the rage in Paris. Due to Australia’s rejection of a multi-billion submarine deal with France to collaborate with the US and the UK in another partnership.

British defense source said that the scratch-off of the missile meeting with the UK was quite a big deal given the necessity for the two nations to restore their missile frameworks – a region where they work closely together.

The UK and France look to re-establish co-operation

British PM Boris Johnson contacted Macron on a call after Paris accused its UK, US and Australian partners for betrayal over the pact and rated London as a junior partner of Washington.

Johnson and Macron reaffirmed the significance of the UK-France relationship. They consented to keep working together all around the world on a common agenda, through Nato.

PM Boris Johnson “reaffirmed the significance” of the London-Paris relationship. While raising the issue of migrants, who camp in northern France expecting to arrive in the UK by cruising across the English Channel.

Post-Brexit issues

One aftermath of the past five years in world politics is an unusual dynamic of the diplomatic contest in Europe. The UK, outside the EU, desperately need to be friends with English democracies like; the US, Australia, Canada and others.

Simultaneously, the EU is attempting to construct its force base, independent of the US, to compel Washington and other worldwide nations to approach it seriously. Despite its earnest attempts, the 27 member states can’t agree on some of the most fundamental standards of the EU policies.

The submarine deal created genuine indignation in France. It marked a genuine hit to an already strained relationship of trust and co-operation among France and the UK.

Brexit has prompted a few conflicts between the two countries. Eminently over fishing rights and a pressing issue of trade between England and the territory of Northern Ireland. The migrant influx has also been a significant aggravation among Paris and London.

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