ADB approves $940 million for Bangladesh to purchase Covid vaccines

The Asian Development Bank has authorized a loan package of 940 million dollars for the Government of Bangladesh to acquire safe and effective vaccines against COVID-19. The loan package includes a formal loan and a concessional loan of 470 million dollars each.

According to a statement by the ADB, The doses will be provided to Bangladesh as early as possible, donating to the government’s National Deployment and Vaccination Plan for COVID-19 Vaccination with safe and effective vaccines.

The vaccines will be obtained through the Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access program, Covax, the UN Children’s Fund (Unicef), or bilateral agreements with vaccine manufacturers or regulators.

“This project is a sequel of ADB’s persistent support to Bangladesh’s COVID-19 pandemic response to safeguard its population from the infection, refurbish the careers of vulnerable groups, and struggle to reinstate its economy to its remarkable path,” said ADB President Masatsugu Asakawa.

Asian Development Bank helped Bangladesh through the pandemic-era:

In addition, ADB has funded Bangladesh’s Covid-19 response through a 250 million dollars loan in June 2021 to enhance social security and stability programs.

A 500 million dollar loan in May 2020 for improving social security decoys for vulnerable groups and financing significant labor-intensive businesses and small to medium corporations to conserve jobs.

A $100 million loan in April 2020 to aid procurement of devices and supplies to upgrade health and testing installations- an introductory emergency donation of $350,000 for the procurement of medical supplies and gear,

And lastly, a 1.3 million dollars loan for an ongoing endeavour to furnish one-time cash support to trainees of an ongoing skills training project.

South Asian nations are struggling to procure AstraZeneca vaccines from alternative sources as India halts supply due to the covid crisis.

Bangladesh will be finishing its remaining COVID-19 vaccine stocks in a week and has amped up its actions to restore them to proceed with its mass inoculation programs.

The shortage has worsened as authorities have to rule out vaccinating people with jabs from different manufacturers over the two-dose inoculation course.

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Current calculations indicate that the existing stocks do not fill in the second doses of 1.5 million people who have received their first AstraZeneca jab.

Bangladesh continues to encounter a growth in infections with a two-month daily high of 4,846 cases along with 76 deaths. Casualties reached 13,702 while the total number of infected individuals rose to 861,150.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

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