Addis Standard news site suspended by Ethiopia’s media regulator

Ethiopia’s prominent independent online outlet, The Addis Standard, is in suspension. And the reason for this suspension is calling off advancing the agenda of a “terrorist group.”

According to the famous English-language website publisher on Thursday, it was disturbed by the decision and would appeal against it.

In this temporary suspension of Addis Standard, the Ethiopia Media Authority monitors complaints and alarming trends in findings. 

According to the regulator, the media is an easy platform for manipulating the terrorist group’s agenda.

The government designated the TPLF as a “terrorist” organization in May but had dominated Ethiopian politics for 30 years until 2018.

Media crackdown

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed oversaw wide-ranging reforms after coming to power in 2018. It includes lifting bans on more than 250 media outlets and releasing dozens of journalists. His 2019 Nobel Peace Prize citation had praise for his “discontinuing media censorship.”

But according to international media watchdogs, since the November conflict with TPLF, the government has cracked down on the media. 

The police arrest Medihane Ekubamichael, a senior editor, for stating in early November urging the government to open communication channels for “attempts to dismantle the Constitution through violence” and “outrage against the Constitution.”

The government denies press freedoms are depreciating.

The police have arrested the 21 journalists from Awlo Media and Ethio Forum. And two independent YouTube channels that have been critical of the government.

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