Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: How to use for Android?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a well known mobile software with amazing features including edit, organize and sharing of images. You may download it on your android for these purposes. 

Through this software you don’t need to plug in your PC for the organization of certain images. It makes your work more easy and frequent as compared to the desktop. Moreover the software has other features such as sync control and gesture control etc. 

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How Do The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Works?

The software runs smoothly on the android but works better on a tablet. By installing this app your photos will instantly sync from the phone’s album in a grid format. After this you have certain options to use for different purposes. These include:

  • There is a feature packed image organizer which is loaded with different editing tools.
  • Through the ‘Curves’ tool, you can make tone adjustment easier
  •  With the use of ‘Crop’ tool, it makes your photos straight and pre-set them in aspect ratios. 
  • The ‘Touch-input’ tool would leverage advanced functionalities. These include local adjustment brush, healing brush, and linear and gradient adjustments.
  • Lightroom photoshop lets you explore artistic templates which are much better than those of Instagram filters.

How Adobe Photoshop Would Organize Your Photos?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom  is best known for editing images but helps you organize images by albums and keyword tags. There are different ways in this software which are literally helpful at all. 

  • The option of ‘gesture control’ is the best one. By this feature you can effortlessly control and manoeuvre over the application. It can be easily double-tapped to see the displays with metadata.
  • There is the Places view option by which you can add location information to your photos. This makes it easy to find photos taken at a location.
  • Adobe Lightroom works as an AI-powered search mechanism. It can find all kinds of images. For this you can be able to import photos from a memory card or folder. It helps you organize images by albums and keyword tags. 
  • Another option is Events view which helps you create groups of photos for different events. Suppose you create an event wedding ceremony  and tag photos that you want to associate with that event. All of the photos with the wedding ceremony will be shown as you tap on the Events view. 

Adjustment tools in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

  • There is a ‘Graduated filter’ tool which adds gradient-type effects to your image. Darkening skies is easy and natural looking
  • Adjustment Brush helps you adjust the paint or color of specific parts of your images. 
  • This will also add different effects to your images. It can sharpen or soften, apply brightness or contrast to your images.
  • ‘Post crop vignette’ would make natural looking vignettes. This would create focus on your images. You may remove vignettes created by lens. 

Scope in Social Media Marketing 

The software of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is developed by Adobe. Adobe is the leading brand of creating softwares and applications. The company has released numerous softwares and applications but this one has become extremely popular worldwide. 

The artists and photographers choose this app as an artistic tool. The features in this software made it quite beneficial for the budding artists, professional photographers and content creators. 

It has also been popular among freelancers and other online artists. They need such an editing tool in their projects. Moreover the Adobe Lightroom is a technical tool. This would help many individuals. Ranging from Instagram influencers, landscape designers, architects, creative designers because they all need a powerful image organizer.

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