Afghan and democracy: An unfulfilled dream!

The leading news around the globe has caught the attention throughout the after the US military forces withdrew from Afghanistan, which paved the way for the Taliban to take over Afghanistan following the Afghan government’s collapse after President Ashraf Ghani absconding.

AFGHAN present Predicament

For two decades the USA and other NATO forces have fought the war in Afghanistan, promising the Afghan’s to end terrorism and to provide the long-desired freedom and independence to the Afghan people.

After the US settling in AFG, things were quite changing in the region as the women could start to work in the areas where there was no influence of the Taliban. Girls were allowed to study. People had the freedom to some extent but people once again fear that they might no longer have freedom now.

however, the dream of being the democratic state of Afghanistan turned out to be futile after America backing out from the region.

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What’s next After the War?

It seems like the answer which people of Afghanistan were looking for that either they will get freedom or not. After 20 years long struggle they have got their answer. Takeover by the Taliban faction had permeated the fear among the majority of the people. In the presence of the US though, there was not complete freedom for the Afghanistan people but at least they were not under such a strict rule or oppression of the Taliban.

Taliban promises the people that this time they will work for the betterment of Afghanistan, and life will prevail in the same way as it was before. But people still fear as it is still not forgotten that what did Taliban do while their rule in (1996-2001)

During the rule of 1996-2001, under the leadership of Mullah Omar, strict Islamic sharia law was implemented, under which no girl was allowed to go to the school, people were beheaded as a punishment, those found guilty in the robbery, their hands were cut off. People had no freedom to raise their voices against something which was not right.

Many Afghans worry that the Taliban will restore the harsh practices of the past by implementing Sharia law.

Future of Afghan’s

The undecided future of Afghan’s now seems to be in the hands of the Taliban. After the backing out of the US, the hopes of Afghan people are dumped once again.

As per the reports and statistics, the Taliban’s group is said to be stronger than they were back in 1996 to 2001 with having 85000 full-time fighters. 

The hopes and dreams of the modern, democratic, and independent Afghanistan are once again in a state of moribund. Endeavors of the two decades of Afghanistan had turned out to be futile once again.

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