Afghanistan appears to Pakistan for assisting the battle

As you all know about afghanistan’s current situation so the afghanistan government wants pakistan’s government to help them in this tough time.

Afghanistan foreign minister “Muhammad Hanif Atmar, in an absolute interview with Geo news stated that Kabul wants pakistan to help it end the Taliban’s vicious campaign against Afghan government.

He stated that Al Qaeda, TTP and other groups are trying to fight against Afghanistan and not only afghanistan but all over the region is getting dangerous because of them.

Afghan Taliban has cheated with the whole wide world. Atmar is hopefull that Pakistan will help them with their fight against TTP.

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When interrogate , Whether he thought that the afghan government had been abondoned by The US, Atmar stated that it was the Taliban who had “conned the whole world”.

The taliban did not fulfill their part of the deal and conned the whole world. He added that taliban have been extended a hand of friendship by the world but they refused to accept it.

He stated that the Kabul had fulfilled all the requirements when it came to prosiners shuffle and assuring foreign troops leave the country. 

Atmar has desired Pakistan’s help to end the enraged coflict in Afghanistan, stated that he expects Islamabad would influence the Taliban to return to talks. The current situation of Afghanistan has reached at its worse with the Taliban launching a lustering campaign. 

Atmar also stated that Talibans are making a huge mistake. 

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Afghanistan and Hanif Atmar statement

The TTP and Al-Qaeda are fighting alongside other terrorist elements against Afghanistan, said Atmar.

We are mentoring link between the TTP, TALIBAN AND AL-QAEDA on a daily basis”. Said Atmar, “These bind assuredly exist

The Afghan Foreign Minister said that these ” elements are fighting against the government and people of Afghanistan, alongside the Taliban , adding that these elements were fighting the Afghanistan government in Badakhshan, Kunduz , Faryab and other provinces of the war-broken country. 

Speaking about the militants groups , Atmar stated that these elements have been divided into three categories. 

The first among them are the militants group that are fighting against the global diary, Such as Al-qaeda and Daesh, he said. Al Qaeda and Daesh militants have been present in the area where Pakistan and Afghanistan situated, he stated.

Atmer stated that afghan government was informed of the locations in Pakistan and Afghanistan where Al-Qaeda members were killed and jailed. 

Then, we have regional players, Atmar stated. (These include) the TTP , Lashkar – e – tayyaba, Jaish -e – muhammad , Islamic movement of Uzbekistan, ITIM , The Ansarullah and Jundullah are also fighting along side with them .

Atmar also stated all the regions who are in danger from these elements which include Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, India , Russia and the Middle East, he stated. 

Atmar said that the government of Afghanistan told about territorial cooperation as ” there are no bad and good terrorists and they are all same, he stated.

These elements do not find a safe shelter in Afghanistan will ensure the peace between Afghanistan and Taliban.

Afghanistan and foreign forces

President Ashraf Ghani stated that the government had the capacity to handle the current situation, but receive difficulties lay ahead. 

He stated in a speech in Kabul that it is one of the most convoluted stages of the transition is what we are witnessing right now.

Justice is ours, God is with us”

Meanwhile a meeting between an Afghan government delegation and Taliban representatives in Tehran ended Thursday, with both sides urging an end to the fighting , and more talks. 

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