Africa promises for the materialization in DRC

At this moment, only six weeks are remaining for cop 26. However, nine years are remaining for 2030. In 2030, there will be a GDP drop of up to 15 per cent in Africa. The agricultural yields will also reduce, and there will be a high risk of coastal flooding in island countries.

To counter the negative impacts of climate change on the continents of Africa, it will need around $30 billion each year to adapt. And further, by 2040, it will increase up to about $50 billion.

Africa does not require any sort of charity. All it needs is a win-win partnership to utilize the collective national wealth in a resourceful way. And also to improve the living infrastructure of the people of its country. 

At the high-level week opening of the General Assembly at UN Headquarters, Mr Tshilombo was a speaker. Last year gathering of the General Assembly was virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. But this year, the meeting is hybrid, i.e. the leaders will meet in person along with the virtual members. 

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Debt and financial support in Africa

Talking about the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been intended; it’s lost yet. Africa is trying their best to cope with the problem. However, it has stressed the difficulties that countries are facing.  

Many initiatives that are financing the economies were welcomed cheerfully. Including the suspension of debt service of the G20 and the core structure for debt restructuring. It also helped to draw out the allocation of $650 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

However, the allocated $33 billion in Africa is quite insufficient for the economic stimuli needs of the country. The Paris summit objective has got the support from the African Union of $100 billion for the continent. 

United Nation’s Mission

Talking about the abandonment of the UN Mission (MONUSCO), the timeline of the UN Security Council was approved with a certain transition period. And this transition period would expire in 2024. 

According to the plan, this is a “gradual, responsible and orderly” process. And there are expectations from the United Nations and the Security Council to provide the necessary infrastructure to MONUSCO. This expectation is very high because only this can help to fulfil their orders.

“This is to ensure that the troops deployed have the required capabilities and means, including the necessary training to meet the requirements of the reality on the ground and the asymmetric warfare currently waged by armed groups and Islamist terrorists,” 


Talking about the scheduled election of 2023, there’s a high expectation for the contribution of credible, transparent, inclusive and vote.  

Terrorism Threat

Moving on the topic of peace and security, the terrorist, armed groups, and criminals are destroying the young democracies and all the efforts that their leaders of Africa are trying to develop the country.  

And Africa doesn’t agree to serve as a base to terrorist and international terrorism. 

Economy and development in Africa

At present many political crises are happening in most of the countries of Africa. And this leads to the eruption of many Member States. However, these crises cannot interfere with the overall progress of the majority of countries of Africa. 

And this was the way that DR Congo followed to overcome the struggle of the dictatorship and autocracy. 

Last June, the Democratic Republic of Congo enrolled with the programme of the IMF, and now it’s currently having benefits from the assistance of the World Bank. 

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