Agnes Buzyn is under charged for COVID handling

French Former health minister Agnes Buzyn has been charged over covid policies. Buzyn has taken under formal investigation over her handling of the coronavirus pandemic, prosecutors said Friday.

Buzyn has been charged under investigation over her remarks on the worldly pandemic. 

Political time period of AGNES BUZYN

Buzyn was the health minister of France from May 2017 to February 2020. 

Buzyn has been charged with ” endangering the lives of others”. According to the prosecutor in a special court, that deals with clerical accountability. A second possible offense of ” failure to stop a disaster” was not brought. 

The former doctor, who will be able to appeal against the charge, attended a hearing at the court on Friday. She said she would welcome a fantastic opportunity for her to explain herself and to achieve truth. 

She said that she won’t let the action of the government get discredited, or her action as a minister. They have done so much to make their country be able to fight the health crisis of the worldly pandemic. 

The development sign one of the first cases worldwide. Where a leading public sector official has been held legally accountable,  for the handling of the health crisis. 

The charges are a blow for President Emmanuel Macron, who handles the health crisis. His handling will face scrutiny during the election campaign next year. But the court also suddenly faced allegations of judicial overreach. 

Anne Genetet is an MPA from the ruling LREM party, she said that she was astonished and angry by the criterion set by the court. Which has special powers to indict ministers. Gennet told the LCI channel that. 

“We should not be surprised if no one wants to enter politics anymore, or be a minister.” 

Former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and the current health minister who is Olivier Veran are also being investigated. By the magistrates at the court and also their offices have seen searched. 

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Buzyn resigned from her post last year February. She has faced criticism and humiliation over her initial remarks on the worldly pandemic. Before there is a rise in cases till 19 cases were reported at that time. 

Initially, in January,  she said that there was no practical risk of COVID 19 importing from China. Then she said that the risk of this virus is very less. A month later she resigned from her post and launched a failed bid to become a mayor of Paris. She then defended that;

” Tsunami has yet to come”, in a probable contradiction of her earlier statements. 

Cancer and transplant specialist later told a parliamentary investigation that she also had alerted the Prime Minister. Then the President to the hidden ” dangers of COVID-19 as early as January. 

This is part of a broader investigation into the government’s handling.  The worldly pandemic and Buzyn’s inheritor, who is Veran. Is widely expected to be notified by the same judges in the coming weeks. 


Some critics implicated it as being too slow and amiable. While defenders of Buzyn found this investigation unfair.  They are likely to avert others from entering politics.

Buzyn had resigned from her post and said goodbye to politics. In January, she joined the cabinet of the World Health Organization’s director-general. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Who has also been charged over his response to the pandemic.

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