AI system: UN called for banning artificial intelligence

The United Nations on September 15 called for suspension of AI system usage. This is to deal with threats and risks by inappropriate usage of AI systems

The higher Commissioner for United Nations human rights, Michelle Bachelet warned of the threats posed by Artificial intelligence systems and tools. 

In a media report, she said that the unregulated AI tools would impose risks to the people. However, the technology decisions could change and damage human lives. 

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United Nations’ Report On Suspension Of AI System

The United Nations on Wednesday, released a report about the threats of AI technologies. This includes certain human rights concerns. However, it states that AI served as a force for good but it might be the cause of catastrophic effects. 

Adding to this, the report determined all the underlying issues regarding AI systems. These include, threats to the secrecy of government and private operations and related factors. 

Moreover there were certain concerns on human irresponsibility over the usage of AI systems and tools. Hence, the report presented systematic and technical issues of the system at all and decided to postpone their development in future. 

Functions Of AI Systems Includes 

Artificial intelligence is an addition to human capabilities that makes advanced and far reaching functions. It makes things meaningful and easy to handle. The main function pertains immediately, devoid of hard labour and other technical work. 

Eventually, it is AI which is a technical employ of certain companies, local and private sectors to achieve higher ends. Recently, most of the companies used AI to develop their process efficiencies. Furthermore AI is able to handle automation and computer intensive tasks. 

Critical Analysis On artificial intelligence

The system of AI pertains to specific functions. All of which includes computational functions. Following the threats are also about these computational functions and systems.

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Eventually, AI could make changes in data collection and other profiling functions. It will easily diversify the facts and figures. Hence, according to the UN, AI could affect humans’ rights to health, education, and freedom of movement and expression. 

On the other side, this is also AI which involves in determining public services. These include general decision making on the data collected through AI systems. Thus the data could be enough discriminatory and out of date. 

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Statement Of Human Rights Chief:

Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet analysed deeply the risks of discrimination to AI decisions. She said that these would surely damage human lives. Finally she announced plans to develop assessment and monitoring setups to identify effects of AI systems and to overcome human rights risks. 

AI System To Follow  International Human Rights Law!

The UN Human Rights High Commissioner called for the immediate moratorium on sale and use of AI systems. She said that there must be urgent responses against different threats. 

Adding to this, she said that AI systems have to work according to the International Human Rights law and their limits. However she also reported about the research over the development of technological safeguarding measures against AI drawbacks. 

Reporting to the Press Release, The Human Rights Chief stated that all the AI applications would be banned if they do not comply with the International human rights law. 

She further  stressed that the growing human rights violations due to the AI system are undeniable. Hence all the companies and applications must have to follow  International rights standards by now.

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