Ailaaj Pakistan raised $1.6M in a Seed Round

Ailaaj Pakistan is the first full-stack Digital Healthcare Platform with end-to-end patient care services.

On Wednesday, Ailaaj Pakistan announced raising approximately $1.6million in the seed round.

JS Group, Pakistan’s prominent financial services union conducts the funding, with the active participation from other investors. So, the investors including Leonine Tech Ventures, Lahore-based Fazal Din Group, and private value investors from East Asia.

Ailaaj Pakistan & Healthcare in the Country

Ailaaj Pakistan is formed by the possession of telehealth startup AugmentCare which was established in 2017. In 2014, an online pharmacy was established as

During the early days of AugmentCare, it raised roughly $1million.

With an appropriate population of 221 million, Pakistan currently consists of one doctor to every 1,300 Pakistani. The ranking is at 115 globally with a limited 1.2% of GDP to spend on the healthcare system by the authorities.

As a matter of course Pakistan’s current healthcare ecosystem is dividing into countless different services providers that frequently leave gaps in the care of patients.

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Ailaaj Pakistan as the First Full-Stack Digital Healthcare Platform

Now, as a full-stack health care system, Ailaaj promises that it’ll fulfill those gaps with its vertically consolidated primary caring platform. SO, this platform is also powering a personalized end-to-end healthcare experience. The diagnoses are from Dental Council (PMDC) and Pakistan Medical qualified doctors. It includes the delivery of medication, wellness, and corporate health, to ongoing care into one absolute offering.

The founder and CEO of Ailaaj, Hyder Mumtaz told the Profit, Ailaaj is a holistic, 360-degree platform for every patient present in their disease spectrum and also the journey of the patient. They will take the burden off the patient as they’re a patient-centric organization. The patients are not require to take their lab tests or reports with them. Everything is compact, and all they need to do is to call them, they will take care and manage everything.

He added, “Your medications are going to be taken care of, the pharmacist wi help you understand your prescription, figure out any drug reactions, or if you have any questions. It’s a whole level of health care that’ll happen to make a patient’s life easy as we’ll offering it on our platform”.

The head of the ecosystem and the co-founder of Ailaaj, Bilal Mumtaz explains that because AugmentCare and Sehat had the teamwork before. The positions as well-respected healthcare startups.

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The Growth of Epharmacy

Epharmacy and Telemedicine are the expanding ecosystems of Pakistan as of the reports.

According to Mumtaz, Ever since the first Covid wave hit Pakistan, the Epharmacy is constantly growing. He is noticing a lot of planting of PPE equipments which was not happening before. To expand the product offerings and fulfill the market gaps a lot of traditional businesses are making their way into healthcare.

So, as of now the union is calculated and plotted one. Ailaaj is carrying on with existing business, clients, and moving forward with market recognition. So, they will grasp technology to simplify managing healthcare for their clientele in the future.

Recently, addressing medicine, Ailaaj is claiming that it’s getting a grip on Pakistan’s pharmaceutical sector estimating of $4 billion.

According to the data by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics(PBS), the spending on healthcare in Pakistan is rising since 15yrs. The data is based on per citizen, per month.

Average Pakistani spending 56Rs per month in 2002 to 335Rs per month in 2018. So, they are spending this on healthcare of a single person. The PBS data show the growth rate is 11.8% per year.

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Optimizing Healthcare Experience

Because of the addition and the raise, the company is planning to increase its product offering. So, Ailaaj is planning to introduce a variety of services and products for the all-rounder healthcare experience.

According to the CEO, they will spend funds on development, market growth, marketing, development of technology stack, and team growth.

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