Al-Azhar helps in countering Turkey’s influence in Mali

As Egypt is boosting its influence in the African continent, Al-Azhar has announced a training course for preachers and 23 imams to fight radicalism from Mali on August 2. 

The Ideology 

According to the chairman of Al-Azhar International Academy, Hassan al-Saghir, this training aims to clear out the misconceptions about Islam and overcome the extremism, which all have created a wrong idea about Islam. 

Mamadou Mangara told Cairo that his country is hoping to trained such imams who will be able to confront the ideas of extremists. 

Al Azhar has firm control over Mali. And earlier in 2014, during the meeting, Mali’s Prime Minister, Al Azhar, declared the deployment of sheiks and professors to contribute their services in Mali’s education sector.

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The associations of Al-Azhar

There is the World Association in Mali, which Al Azhar has set up itself for its graduates. This association is aiming to optimize Al-Azhar’s soft power through its graduates. And the media center of Al Azhar itself clarified in February 2019 that it would proceed with all these hearings through its programs and connections in Mali. And also in all over the other African countries.

In March this year, Al-Azhar’s association organized a ministerial conference in one of Mali’s mosques. To discuss the danger of extremism and fundamentalism. This discussion also includes the value of instilling the importance ​​of peace and peaceful rapprochement in the community.

Malian Foreign Minister Zeini Moulaye appreciated the role of Al-Azhar in that. It promotes the cultural ties between Mali and Egypt. And it is spreading the teachings of Islam and overcoming extremist ideas. 

The meeting stressed the portion of Egyptian role from overcoming terrorism and extremism via Al-Azhar teachings of the actual concepts of Islam in Mali.

Al-Azhar Philanthropist Deeds

However, the role of Al Azhar in Mali doesn’t reside only in advocacy. It also helps philanthropic aid. On August 10, the people who were forced to return to their houses in northern Mali due to terrorist attacks have got the helping hands of the World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates in Mali.

 Al-Azhar also stands with the Malian army in the fights against the extremist groups. It also appreciated the efforts of the Malian military in combatting terrorist organizations and cleared out that these groups have to do nothing with Islam. 

But the Egyptian efforts to grow its presence in Mali do not just lie in Al Azhar. During the May visit to Cairo Moulaye, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi talked with Moulaye in Egypt’s shrewdness to help re-establish stability in Mali.

And Sisi got to know that Egypt is willing to cooperate in Mali to counter extremism and terrorism. 

However, if we go to the economic level, there’s always a bilateral trade observed in these two countries in the past two years. 

And the report was conducted, which showed a rise of 12.1 million in 2018. Which is relatively higher than 2017, in Egyptians exports to Mali. 

And as the increasing influence of Turkish in Mali, the Egyptian efforts in the West African country arrived. 

The Upcoming Presences

According to news of Sweden’s Nordic, Cavusoglu went to Mali intending to install the transitional phase with their government policies. 

According to Fahmy, to consolidate the presence of Egypt in Mali, it has resorted to Al-Azhar. And in all this, France will benefit in the light of the radical African country groups. 

Hence the French desire to communicate the moderate ideology in the whole country. And this could be only possible through an eminent Egyptian institution, like Al-Azhar. 

And Turkey is trying to increase its presence in Mali by providing loans and humanitarian aids there. Although from all of this they Egypt is very well aware of. 

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