Amazon India Launches Service Collecting Streaming Apps

Amazon India launches the service aggregating video streaming apps in the country.

In New Dehli, on Reuters 24th September, launching the 8th worldwide and local video streaming services on their Prime Video platform. They are aiming that it’ll surely boost their subscriptions.

This move of the company is because of recent increasing of competition from their domestic rivals as well as global. The competition is in the significant market for the USA Tech business.

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Amazon India Expecting a Boost in Subscriptions

The head of Amazon Prime Video India, Gaurav Gandhi, told Reuters before the launch in an interview that they’re expecting that it’ll direct users to other subscriptions.

The Channels service of Amazon will surely help users to subscribe to numerous streaming services using their Prime Flagship Loyalty program on a single interface.

Gandhi added, “We believe that other than solving the customer’s crises, the multiple apps with multiple logins will also solve a lot for our Partners. Where they are efficient to get the benefits of Prime Video’s reach and universal distribution.”

Discover.Inc (DISCA.O), Lions Gate Entertainment Operation (LGFa.N), and Mubi are the Partners from which the Channels launching with streaming services.

Gandhi also added that India is the 12th country where this service is launching globally.

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Consumer Behaviour and Discounts by Amazon India

Gandhi is declining to reveal more about the specifics related to revenue sharing with the Content Partners. He is not up to discussing the financial parameters regarding services.

The Prime customers will still require to pay for each streaming service individually for subscriptions. However, the company is currently offering a discount.

As an example, Mubi, the movie streaming app costs 499Rs(6.77$) each month in India. But if we talk about Prime Video, the price of the subscription is 1,999Rs annually.

Uday Sodhi, Former Head of Siny Group Corp’s Digital Business in India, said, “Amazon’s power as a collector of content and as a destination enhances.”

He added, “This is tremendous for Amazon as they will understand the consumer behavior even sufficiently. From the increase in consumption of other Apps. All of it will help in growing their business relatively.”

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Rivals of Streaming Services

India is the essential growth market for Amazon, as it’s the world’s 2nd most populated country with around a 1.3billion people. Their global rivals are Walt Disney(DIS.N) with Netflix(NFLX.O).

The rivals of Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, also hosts TV Shows, Bollywood movies, and live streams of India’s prominent Cricket league matches, while Netflix has significant importance around local original content.

The declared union of Zee India(ZEE.NS) and a local group of Japan’s Sony Group Corp is all established to create a powerhouse TV that’ll contest the Prime Video and other services in the current market.

Both of the groups will create a TV powerhouse to generate more advertising revenue. They are also challenging Walt Disney Co(DIS.N), the top rivals in the growth hey market, according to an official.

These two groups also consist of online digital streaming platforms that take in the Disney+ Hotstar services. The competition is further convulsing up the competition in the current market where Amazon and Netflix also operate.

Amazon is rather a heavy investor in producing and acquiring the local content in India. The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos claims the past year that Prime Video was performing great globally. He added, “But nowhere it’s going adequately than it’s in India.”

Amazon doesn’t blow up its user numbers by the country.

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