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American Idol, Noah Thompson To Win Season 20

American idol, Noah Thompson to win season 20 on Sunday during a dazzling three-hour finale. Noah Thompson is a 20year old singer from Kentucky. 

Accordingly, he got success over HunterGirl winning the US singing contest this year. It was a singing competition aired on the ABC channel of the US. Noah Thompson was selected in the contest after his virtual audition. 

American Idol, Thompson Vs HunterGirl

Noah Thompson and HunterGirl have a tough competition in the saeson 20 of American Idol. HunterGirl is a 23year old girl whose real name is Hunter Wolkonowski. 

However, she remained in second place in the contest. But, she was an early favorite of the people and earned a Platinum ticket in the audition. And, in third place was Leah Marlene, a wonderful singer of age 20. 

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The Last Song Of The Both Finalists

The three finalists performed a Bruce Springsteen cover in honor of the American rocker. After results and voting of their performances, the judges announced that Leah had to come in third place. 

Then, the remaining two finalists made other performances to the judges. Where, the Hunter Girl performed a duet of ‘I told you So’ along with the American singer Byran. 

And, Noah had performed on a version of the Rihanna song Stay. That was the final song that finally led him to be victorious in the competition.

American Idol

Comments Of Judges To The Finalists

The judges of the Finale were Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. 

All the judges had given remarks to both the performers in American idol. And, the host Ryan commented to the victory of Noah: 

“Buddy you just won American Idol”

On the other hand, Perry has appreciated the HunterGirl for her best performances. She said:

“American Idol ends tonight but your career is going to be forever” 

“You have your wings,” she added. 

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