American influences on French psychiatry and experts concern

As French psychiatry has gone down, the French government just launched a new mental health drive that includes recovering the cost of therapy sessions. The sector has gone from “preparing and initiating” to vacillating. It has been scrutinizing by Psychiatry professionals. 

And that American command is partly to blame for the French decline. 

In a Paris hospital, a children’s psychiatrist named Marie-Jose Durieux, says directly that

“The state of French psychiatry is disastrous”. 

It’s the kind of diagnosis that has been shared by many other people in her profession. The French government has taken a two-day conference on mental health and psychiatry this week. 

And that with the industry professionals. 

It’s an attempt to renovate a failing branch of the French medical establishment. Durieux said that

” Just 30 years ago psychiatry was done with a lot of interest and excitement. We associated psychiatry with imaginative sciences like philosophy, psychoanalysis sociology, and literature, and we depressed the field further” 

In the 1980s, French psychiatry industry adopted the American ways of thinking and treatments methods to cope up with psychiatry. French psychiatry which was the world’s famous and preparing has gone down because of America’s influence.   

Then the use of drugs was invented in the sector. Durieux said that ” They’ve carried with them the certain facts. But only medication was not the only treatment to cope up with empirical problems. 

The profession’s bible is the tug of war between French and America’s methods. the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM. This manual was introduced in France in the 1980s. It consists of psychiatric disorders, diagnoses, and statistics. 

Moreover, Durieux said that

” Over time, the patterns which are listed in this book took over what had previously been the French psychiatry standard” 

The reference manual – Pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, researchers, doctors, and other governing bodies used in the US is regularly updated with new data. 

Many professionals believe that this manual’s classification systems – although comprehensive.  – It didn’t leave enough space for individuality in a diagnosis. This manual’s last update happened in 2013 which marked pushback from French mental health professionals. 

Durieux acknowledged that

” Human beings are born with the search of a meaning that cant is abolished by a few antidepressants. Or injection of antipsychotic”

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Many professionals think that this manual is repeatedly pushing professionals towards the resort.To medication and it also brainwashes early career psychiatrists. 

A study in 2014 showed that one in three people in France were on psychotic medications.  That usually includes anti-depressants. In fact, France repeatedly marked among the top global consumers of antidepressants. French doctors are known for defining freely. 

Even France also has the highest rate of psychotic medications in Europe per citizen. 

recent study showed that French doctors are prescribing psychotic medications to children.

With over the age of 2, children are taking nine medications per year. 


So are American professionals to blame? French health authorities also bear the responsibility for the failure of this sector, Durieux said

Durieux complaining that

” several years ago they were taking patients of mental health problems out of hospital wards. That was a stunning thing because they all should not be there. But specialized psychiatry wards have been disappearing from hospitals gradually”.

But they haven’t been replaced by outpatient services or follow up.


French public authorities have reportedly severed funding to the psychotic sector. And as a result, compressed budgets have led to lower salaries and vacancies of key positions. She laments that when the last round of junior professionals chose their specialization. 

Almost 71 psychiatric posts were gone unfilled. Even psychotic professionals themselves had to be blamed because there is no energy and innovation in the sector. The standard age of psychiatrists is absolutely high and many psychiatrists are retiring soon. 

In just 40 years, this particular profession has invisible 40% of its workers, Durieux said. 

In densely populated areas like Parisian Suburbs, there are not enough professionals in the mental health sector exist. There are no staff members to meet skyrocketing demand. Apparently, problems are visible at health centers across the country. 

Patients with mental health problems have to wait for a year before their first consultation. 

. According to the latest data from an ongoing government survey into mental health during the Covid 19 pandemic. Almost 15 percent of French people showed signs of depression. 23 percent showed signs of anxiety and 10 percent have had suicidal thoughts over the last year. 


Durieux said that, While it is encouraging that the French are increasingly turning to psychologists and psychiatrists for help. When they are facing issues related to mental health. Durieux emphasized that this sector needs to back about provide the funding necessary for the sector. 

This is what exactly the French government should do. French President Emmanuel Macron announced to design a framework under psychotic medications. This includes reimbursing the cost of consultations with psychologists, the making of about 800 jobs in the psychological health sector, and also extra funding for the sector. 

Patrick Ange Raoult, the secretary-general of the National Union of Psychologists (SNP).said that 

“ It’s outrageous. It shows a total disrespect for our profession and for the population,” 

These measures are going in the right direction,” says Durieux. “But Macron alone won’t be able to fix the industry. All the health professionals need to get interested in funding in this sector and make France once again excel. 

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