Angela Merkel: Life, Political career and Legacy

After approx half of the decade, the era of German chancellor Angela Merkel just came to an end. She chose not to participate in the national elections this month. She will be the country’s first who leaves powers of her own accord. 

Her followers have been inspired by her as everything from the heroine of the free world.  To a current Joan of Arc- big imitations, she has always despised. She is the artist of the European politics- a generation of aspiring germans, who remembers no one else at the command. 

Though she has become the most frequently named personality among the most impressive women in the world. If diplomacy to rise a new government drag on after the Sept 26 vote. She would outdo Helmet Kohl as Germany’s great serving leader. 

Angela Merkel was also praised by the filmmaker and gay rights activist Rosa von Praunheim. He once disclosed that he loved Angela Merkel. But he also confessed that he hated her Christian Democratic Union Party. 

During the Donald Trump years, she was called the last supporter of the liberal international order. Last week, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is a British politician who called Angela the “titan” of delicacy. 

Alexis Tsipras who is a Greek politician enforced by Merkel into years of solemnity, Can’t help but praised her “sincerity”. Merkel was successful in keeping her own party. And various large affiliations, and the EU together at compelling moments. 

As Germany’s first female chancellor ( Angela Merkel) decides to leave her political career. Merkelogists have been busy again considering the wide reasons for her interesting style of managing. Discreet, logical, and adapted towards consensus- the list is by now well known, if not absolute cliched. 

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Passionately, a few emerged, that includes her 2011 decision to terminate nuclear energy after Japan’s Fukushima disaster. Her 2009 decision of a congenital debt brake ( Schuldenbremse) assuring balanced budgets. Her 2015 decision to envelop EU rules on asylum aspirants and open Germany’s borders to more than one million refugees from Syria and elsewhere 

Her conviction to complete the controversial Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline with Russia. Her perseverance on austerity and structural amend during the eurozone debt crises.  Lastly her acceptance of jointly issued EU debt in the apprehension of the economic clashes of the COVID -19 worldly pandemic. 


Coalition arbitrations, which are constrained to belong and the largest. It will emphasize whether the Germans are up to the task. The primary challenge of the government will be to give detailed meaning to the EU’s new biggest idea of open strategic autonomy

Currently the fairly uncertain goal of expanding EU global effect through biggest dominance. 

Another major challenge for the german’s government will be to enforce the whole world to the appliance to climate change. The most recent defense deal between UK, Australia, and the United States, as well as the US departure from Afghanistan. These are the two painful indications to EU members. That they would need to get that act together on the most common defense policy. 

If they want to be serious opponents in universal affairs. German political elects have so far been cautious to commit in that arena. Berlin’s lead will be required by example by changing its own industrial machine. 

Which starts to depend densely on fossil fuels, against renewable energy. 


The worldly pandemic set bare some of the country’s weaknesses, which typically includes an absence of resilience. Which obstructed a vaccine rollout. But most of her followers praised Merkel’s leadership during the pandemic. 

By the time when the world faced a global crisis. Merkel learned the actual importance of clear and frank communication. 


Maybe the most important and detailing moment of Angela Merkel’s political career was to open doors for the Syrian refugees.  In 2015. At that time Obama called her

” She on the right side of history on this”.

Merkel addressed her citizens and assured them that

” We can do it”. 


As the euro zone’s debt crisis began in 2009, Merkel helped lead efforts to save the country’s mutual currency.

“If the euro fails, Europe fails”,

she contended. 

She became the hated personality in countries such as Greece as they were contrived into hamstring austerity. Greek newspapers resembled her to the “Hitler” and her visits were marked with protests for years. 


Once she entered politics her rise was growing rapidly. She joined the traditional, moderate, and male-dominated Christian Democrats. She was elected to Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag, in 1990. 

An orphan to Kohl, then she became Germany’s chancellor. She then delegated minister for women and youth in the same year. In the early days of her political career, she was nicknamed as “Kohl’s girl” 


Angela’s 16 years in power in her political career have seen a shift in the world order. 

As a child of the cold war, Merkel has emphasized the importance of avoiding another one. Washington has pressured Germany to take a solid stance towards Russia and China. 

She also tried to separate Chinese human rights and Russian expansionism from issues like trade and economics. Her relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin has, at times been labored and combative. 


Still, even critics will admit her fundamental civility on many events. And her followers will remind us that. If nothing else, she was an uncorrupt politician. 

It’s difficult to find politicians like Merkel in this world. It is hard to devise her sheer in as a lobbyist or even just on the speaking circuit. 

Merkel has always refused questions about her legacy. She says the historical analysis is not for her and she will rather get on with the job. But in a town hall in the coastal town of Stralsund in 2019. She was once asked what she wanted children to read about her in history books

She said,

” she tried”.

Merkel’s journey has come to an end. She has taken fundamental decisions in her political career which can be seen through her achievements. May we all get politicians like Merkel in the future. 

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