Anti-Pakistan Bill in the US Senate

Anti-Pakistan bill moving in US Senate alarms the authorities. The bill proceeded in US Senate is striving to verify Pakistan’s alleged part in Afghanistan before and after the collapse of Kabul to the Afghani Taliban. It set the warning bells chiming in the upper house of the Parliament.

The bill is raising the issue of the Anti-Pakistan bill that intends for penalizing and sanctioning various countries.

Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s PPP( Pakistan People’s Party) leader in the Senate and also the chairperson of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs said that Pakistan encountered a moment of serious hazard after the hasty pullback of US forces from Afghanistan.

Anti-Pakistan Bill and the Accountability for Afghanistan

Referring to the Counter-Terrorism of Afghanistan, accountability with oversight will move by senators of 22 Republicans. Senator Rehman regrets that the US left Afghanistan under a directly made with the Taliban.

Yet it was pressing Pakistan to take accountability for whatever things were occurring in Afghanistan.

She remarked that whatever is happening to Pakistan is worse than what has happened before.

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Unwarranted Reference of Anti-Pakistan

Referring that the bill straightforwardly designated Pakistan, she said it was not the US organization’s approach will but rather it was significant as it could accumulate a minimum amount.

It likewise focuses on an asset in poisonous feelings about Pakistan on the hill, which a large number of us have endeavored to switch she noticed.

We left Afghanistan in the wake of hitting an immediate arrangement with the Taliban, according to Senate.

Nothing that an intelligent policy was about anticipating challenges and undertaking them with consensus and rational reaction. She said that at least an inception should be made to deal with the threats.

Section 202 of the bill directly speaks of Pakistan and demands for an “assessment of the support by state and non-state actors, includes the government of Pakistan, and the Taliban between 2001-20.”

She added that they are clearly saying that the Pakistani government supported the Taliban. But it’s seriously disappointing to witness that nobody has put it in the Parliament. To shape the responses collectively not the dispelling information that’s painful and damaging.

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US an Angry Super Power

She stated, “While it is important to engage with all the countries with self-respect, particularly angry superpowers like the US that itself is in turmoil over its 20 years occupation of Afghanistan. What are we doing to empower ourselves? Instead of trying to unite the Parliament around a bipartisan and foreign policy, the Parliament has never met on the Afghan transition the human humanitarian crisis.

The bill is raising the issue of the Anti-Pakistan charge that means punishing and endorsing different nations.

There and the response all over the world joint meetings are being held on Afghanistan. But Pakistan’s government is in a state of denial over dealing with the parliament.

She regrets the national unity, which is necessary for the first step in foreign policy is rather missing. She said that the PTI government currently is ignoring the constitution and Parliament, but us rather busy with their war narrative.

Rehman is stating that a serious, contemplative, and informed approach is required from the current government. Also, there’s a need of discussing the current state of Pakistan’s foreign policy.

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