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Anti-Separatism Bill has shoved French Muslims’ against the wall

Following a seven-month debate, the anti-separatism bill was approved by 49 votes to 19. The bill was approved by France’s lower house – The National Assembly and Senate.

What is anti-separatism bill

French parliament votes to extend controversial emergency health law
French Parliament approves the Anti- Islamic bill

MPs endorsed France’s disputable anti-separatism bill on 16th Feb, which intends to crack down on online hate discourse and foreign subsidizing of religious groups. The bill includes;


The government at first wanted to make tutoring obligatory for kids from three years and boycott self-teaching, except for clinical reasons.

It was alleged that many Muslim youngsters, particularly young ladies, were being shipped off extremist schools where, as indicated by Macron, “their schooling comprises prayers and certain classes”.

Each homeschool kid will likewise be given a national identification proof number to ensure they are given the correct education.

Online hate speech

The government intends to make another crime law. The demonstration of spreading information about somebody’s private, family, or professional life that makes them recognizable. Aiming to jeopardize their lives will get three years in prison and a fine of up to €45,000.

Oversight of religious practices

Religious groups will have to declare any funding from abroad, worth over €10,000 — the point is to weaken foreign influence on spots of worship.

Local authorities are additionally expected to be given the power to briefly close down any spot of the workshop.

Forced marriages and virginity certificate

The legislature also banishes clinical experts from providing virginity certificates — a pre-essential frequently requested from ladies — and reinforces measures against forced marriages and polygamy measures.

Policing places of worship

noteworthy punishments for offenses regarding religious communities incorporate increased penalties and permitting authorities to close any place of worship for as long as two months to stop hate evangelists.

People charged for terrorism would likewise be restricted from leading a religious association for at least 10 years.

Extending the ban on religious symbols

The bill encompasses what is referred to in France as the neutrality principle. That denies government employees from wearing religious symbols like the Muslim hijab and voicing political perspectives.

How anti-separatism bill effects Muslims of France

anti-separatism bill

The law targets Islamic private schooling by presenting new laws enabling the suspension or shut down of Islamic private schools.

It additionally limits self-teaching, presently dependent on a severe authorization system and at this point, not a free decision given by parents.

This new structure compels Muslim parents to send their youngsters through the public common schooling framework where religious images like the headscarf remain prohibited.

Moreover, religious organizations looking for public funds should sign a “Republican Contract” and comply with its conditions, which is just like submitting to the State’s philosophy.

Clearly, to stay away from the allegation of Islamophobia, the bill doesn’t refer by name of Islam or Muslims. But, at the same time, Emmanuel Macron stated while announcing the bill, “what we need to tackle is Islamist Separatism.”

Previous efforts of France’s government to downgrade Muslims

France to inspect nearly 80 mosques in latest crackdown on Muslims due to anti-separatism bill
Woman reading a notice outside the mosque. As French government closed the mosques after Macron’s speech

In May 2021, 37 mosques, 4 schools, and 210 public houses run by French Muslims were shut down. In addition, French authorities shut down 559 Muslim-claimed organizations/associations, and 22, 222 of them placed under investigation. It likewise permitted the state to seize more than €43 million ($50 million) from an all-around devastated Muslim community.

Reaction of Muslim world on anti-separatism bill

Muslims around the world burn French flags and pictures of Macron...
Muslims around the world burned the French flag and Macron’s posters

Macron’s address received a huge backlash, where Muslims throughout the world started boycotting French products. Protests erupted in a few Muslim nations in which the flag of France and pictures of Macron were set ablaze.

The latest protest attracted 200 individuals to Paris, the protestors marched in Paris on Feb 14th, arguing that it puts a shame on supporters of France’s second-biggest religion.

The debate encompassing the bill follows three terrorist attacks in late 2020, including the decapitation of a teacher, Samuel Paty, who had shown cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed during class.

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France is becoming an anti-muslim state

Islamophobia in Europe anti-separatism bill
Islamophobia in France

The French state is in a battle with its Muslim community. That will currently need to submit to exceptional and outrageous requests of allegiance.

As an Imam states, France limits Muslims to an agreement, demanding submission to its ideology. The consequences just point at the truth of a deliberate assault on Muslims.

Islam is a religion that is in crisis in most parts of the world- Macron

Macron outlines plan to fight 'Islamist separatism' in France announcing anti-separatism bill
Macron explains plan to fight Islamophobia

Macron uttered the above-mentioned statement while announcing his anti-secularism plans. That sparked controversies throughout the Muslim world.

Protests erupted in Pakistan, India, Iran, and other major parts of the world to denounce the President’s remarks.

In return, French authorities crackdown on anything deemed Islamic and projected prophet Muhammad’s cartoons on government buildings to ignite the Muslim community.

Macron’s aforementioned statement is not about solving the problem but has become a part of the problem.

A new identity of Muslims?

protests due to anti-separatism bill
Protest owing to Hijab ban in France

Muslims of France are forced into a controversial role-play. It’s high time they should reorganize themselves to choose their representatives.

The government will not stop here, it will go further as Muslims step back.

The government automatically molds them into a new role where Muslims might definitely accept the situation and give up their rights. To the point, their opinion won’t matter even at public discussions.

Apparently, providing freedom of speech and religion is a far superior method to battle against the philosophy of revolution than forcing individuals to cultural adoption and assertion.

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