Antonov N-26 Plane Crashed In Far East Of Russia

MOSCOW-plane Antonov N-26 on Monday in the far east of Russia crashed. There were 28 passengers in a bad luck plane. Rescue officials said none of the passengers survived. 

Some details of incident

The plane’s name was Antonov N-26. It was a twin-engine turboprop. It flew from regional capital Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Its destination bacame village Palana. Which lies in the Kamchatka peninsula. Where it somehow lost contact with the air traffic control system. The emergency ministry revealed all these details.

Guessed Reason Of Crash

Interfax reported on the authority of some other resources that plane might be hit with a peak. And that became the reason for the crash. Because it was preparing for landing there. 

Civil aviation authority of country confirmed. That  Emergency Ministry sends a helicopter. And it found the crash area. And teams on the ground are working on crashed plane sites.

Mayor Of Palana Also Died

Ministry also told that there were 22 passengers and 6 screw staff. TASS agency reported from local sources. That is the list of passengers there was also mayor of Palana Olga Mokhireva. 

TASS agency also revealed that at the time of takeoff weather was cloudy. And the unlucky plane was operational in 1982.

Plane’s Ageing Is Big Concern

Russia is a developed country in maintaining standards in securing aviation services. But planes are old aged. Their age may be a reason for incidents. 

Experts are of the view that planes of the Soviet era are now 50 years old. Though military and civil aviation systems still use them. But they are more in crash incidents. And a need to replace them is inevitable. 

Russia is the biggest country in the world in landmass. Similarly, it has 11 time zones. Surely its Siberian route is very rough in wether perspectives. 

And Similar to that incident, there another plane was crashed in 2012. Its name was also similar to Antonov-28. 10 passengers died on the same route at that time. Investigation teams reported that pilots were drunk. 

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