Aquatic Farming Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is on the frontline of climate change. Its farmlands facing constant floods erosion and salinity. To combat these, farmers are using rafts that remain flawed for a period long enough to grow vegetables. Aquatic farming has opened a new gate for the farmers.

The problem is during high tide this air gets flooded with little water remains. This is why they are using floating beds to grow vegetables. 

Floating platforms offer up to an additional 40 percent of arable land. And that is creating opportunities for poor landless farmers.

Aquatic farming is essential practice

 In Bangladesh, that type of farming was almost disappeared. But it is making a comeback with limited land resources and threats of climate change. People are now supporting this type of farming. As it is environment friendly. And it can protect them from climatic hazards.

 Local farmers can earn around two dollars fifty cents for a day’s work. They use organic fertilizers on these seeds. Then keep them in a shaded area to mature later. They plant them in the floating beds with natural fertilizers. And sell them. 


 Farmers generally do not use chemical fertilizer or pesticides using this method. So there’s a greater demand for them. These plants and vegetables are from the floating beds. Farmers bring them to market by boats. Then they carry them again in boats to various bazaars throughout  year.

Floating seed beds have been used on 290 hectares of parasport marshland area. There are now around 50,000 people involved directly or indirectly in this type of farming. 

This method of farming is getting really popular. And is now practiced in at least 15 to 20 districts. Farmers are making a good profit. Many poor Bangladeshi farmers have now been given a financial lifeline by turning back the clock and relying once again on a traditional farming technique to protect their livelihoods.

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