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Armenia’s Firework Explosion Killed At Least 6 And Injured 60 

Armenia’s firework explosion killed at least 6 and injured 60. There is a big explosion in a

 popular market in the Armenian capital, Yerevan. That has devastated the area by a massive explosion at a fireworks storage area on Sunday. 

Accordingly, the explosion at Surmalu market in the early afternoon killed at least six people, injured 60 others. Then, sparked a huge fire that raged into the night. The country’s Ministry of Emergency Situations reported. 

Armenia’s Fireworks Explosion At Surmalu Market

The explosion at Surmalu market has devastated the area with the massive fire. There were another 18 people unaccounted for. They could still be trapped with relatives in the wreckage of a building that was destroyed by the blast.

Accordingly, the Surmalu wholesale market remains traditionally very busy on Sundays. And, the eyewitnesses reported that the explosion occurred in an area near the storage of fireworks. 

Immediate Response From The Authorities 

Authorities including rescue workers and volunteers are still searching amid still-exploding fireworks. They are using diggers to pull dead people from under slabs of concrete on Sunday.

Accordingly, Armenia’s General Prosecutor’s Office announced overnight to open an investigation. That will determine the possible violations of “fire regulations” or rules around storing flammable products. 

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On the other hand, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also visited the scene of the explosion on Monday morning. 

Afterwards, Armenia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that there were around 350 firefighters and rescue workers. Also, they used several trucks and construction machinery. 

Moreover, the rescue workers used long water hoses and ladders to extinguish the flames. 

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