Ethiopia: As the civil war rages, bodies float downriver into Sudan

The latest brutal atrocities are very well in the news from the grisly finds at the river. From the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, the bodies are floating over water in ones and twos. All of those bodies are full of the wounds of knives or gunshots. And all these bodies are hovering all over the region. 

In the past week, in eastern Sudan, almost 40 bodies are floating back to the riverbank. Most of them were visible a few hundred yards away from the border of Ethiopia. 

Reports of massacres are accompanying a conflict of ethnic cleansing and widespread sexual assault.

Most of the found bodies’ identification is complete, and most of them have tattoos that state that they ethnic Tigrayans.

Many of them are injured very terribly and filled with bullets. 


Tewodros Tefera, a surgeon who camps beside the border and a member of a humanitarian group, fled from Ethiopia for Sudan during the initial days of the war in November. He also mentioned in an interview that he’d buried two bodies that he found from the Sitit River. 

And according to Tewodros, these all bodies are flowing from the direction of Humera. 

Humera is a town in Ethiopia 6 miles upstream from the river.

This town is currently the central focus of the intensifying civil war between Tigrayan forces and its allies. 

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Allegations & Responses

After Monday, when the images of these grotesquely bloated bodies got on social media, all these killings came into the public. Just like the genocide in the East African nation of Rwanda in 1994, where the bodies of victims seemed to have flowed over an international border.

Ethiopia’s government is claiming these pictures as fake, which is viral to discredit Abiy.

Abiy, the noble prize winner of 2019, has faced a stream of reports of atrocities committed by the Ethiopian troops in recent months. 

However, his government hit a significant back. He also claimed that the Tigrayans have also committed abuses, including recruiting child soldiers to their cause.

Ongoing Crisis of Ethiopia

A senior official confirms that 40 dead bodies were found from the river. 

Due to the acceleration of the conflict in Tigray, more than 400,000 people suffer from famine-like conditions. 

Thousands of civilians are relocating due to the new fight between Ethiopia’s neighboring Afar region to the east of Tigray. Abiy’s governments are trying to cut off the country’s most prominent supply route due to the pressure from the Tigray fighters. 

Due to the Tigrayan assault, tensions have been rising in the western region. 

However, the Tigray Defense Force plans to attack the western Tigray’s after the fascinating series victory in the battle of June. 

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Migrators & Helpers

Ethnic Tigrayan residents have got the order from Amhara militia fighters to leave. And the number of people crossing the border per day is increasing to 50 people per day. 

Sudanese soldiers laden with weaponry and food rations were seen by the New York times heading towards the front line. Hundreds of Sudanese soldiers are staying at a village occupied by Ethiopian farmers named Barakat Nurein. 

Six people have shot a farmer’s 25-year-old old during working in the field. And the family of that young lady found her dead on the spot. 

As part of the fight over al-Fashaga, dozens of people are losing their lives inside Ethiopia. But there are no officials records that state the same statement. 

Among the bodies that seem floating on the riverside, a woman’s identification is complete as Feven Berha, a civilian of Humera.

According to Awet, who came home after 40 years, these situations are very dark and cannot be expressed distinctively.  

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