Asteroid Bennu comes to hit: Chinese scientists are working to save the earth

This time, China wants to send a rocket to destroy the asteroid. Chinese scientists have been working to destroy the asteroid Bennu that came running to save the earth.

Chinese scientists say they want to send about 20 rockets into space to destroy the asteroid Bennu. The plan of the Chinese scientists is aimed at the asteroid Bennu orbiting the earth.

Asteroid Bennu will hit the Earth

According to Life Science, the Bennu asteroid weighs 85.5 million tons. It can be destroyed if it pushes the earth.

However, the idea is that if the asteroid hits the Earth, its speed will be 12 thousand mega tons per hour. This speed is about 80 thousand times more powerful than the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima.

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Chinese plan

Chinese scientists are already working to save the Earth and remove it from the eclipse. The National Space Research Organization has been planning this since March.

Chinese scientists say that five rockets weighing 192 tons can be removed from the Earth if the asteroid is pressed continuously.

Chinese scientists also say they want to use the atomic bomb to reduce the impact of the asteroid. According to them, the effect of the atomic bomb will split the asteroid into smaller pieces.

They are hopeful that if it were possible to split from an asteroid, it would not hit the Earth. And if it did, it would not be a problem for the Earth.

Asteroids and their effects

An engineer and researcher at the Beijing-based National Aeronautics and Space Administration said the impact of the eclipse could be devastating to the Earth. It could destroy the Earth or cause massive damage to humans.

According to a report published in Life Science, dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the earth at some point. So Chinese scientists say that we need to be careful about asteroids from the beginning.

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