Attacks On UN Peacekeepers In Mali: UN Chief Reports

UN peacekeepers in Mali are facing continuous attacks. UN Chief condemns attack on peacekeepers in Mali on Saturday October 2. 

In an explosive attack, one Egyptian ‘blue helmet’ died and four others badly injured. UN chief Antonio Guterres expressed consolation to the victim’s family, also to the Government of Egypt. 

Attacks On Peacekeepers In Mali: Critical Analysis 

Over the past year, there has been a deterioration in the political situation of Mali. The state institutions also weakened due to experiencing two military coups in 2020.

As a result, Mali is continuously worsening for peacekeepers. Extremists in the north and center of the country continued all out attacks on civilians and particularly on UN peacekeepers. 

Furthermore, there is a rise in communal violence. According to the UN independent expert on Human rights, rise in violence in Mali has threatened the country’s very survival.

Reaction From MINUSMA

The attacks were planned on the peacekeepers serving with the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission for Mali (MINUSMA). 

Officials of MINUSMA said in a statement that they were travelling in a convoy near the restive Kidal region. Then their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device. 

MINUSMA special representative El-Ghassim Wane strongly condemned the attack. He said that this was a sad reminder that there is a permanent danger hanging over the peacekeepers in Mali. 

He further said that the UN peacekeepers made certain sacrifices for maintaining peace in Mali. Furthermore he called this a “Cowardly attack”, that attackers made to peacekeepers. This would further strengthen their mission of determination to support Mali and its people.

Statement Of UN Chief Over The Attacks On Peacekeepers 

The Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in a statement that these attacks on peacekeepers would constitute war crimes under International law.

He urged the Malian authorities to immediately investigate the perpetrators of that attack. He added that peacekeepers may require justice. Then, he concluded his statement reaffirming solidarity of the United Nations with the people and the government of Mali.

Mr. Wane paid tribute to the UN soldier who died. He said that they had evacuated the blue helmets which are now safe and under necessary care. Finally, he expressed deepest condolences to his family and comrades-in-arms. 

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Mission of UN Peacekeepers (MINUSMA) In Mali 

MINUSMA is a mission of peacekeeping from the United Nations. They initiated the mission  of MINUSMA in April 2013 by the United Nations Security council Resolution. 

This is for the Stabilization of the situation of Mali in a situation of extremism after the Tuareg rebellion in 2012. The troops of MINUSMA deployed on 1st July. This is one of the UN’s most dangerous peace missions.

However, there are 209 peacekeepers in the country in different regions specially the center, south and north or the country. The peacekeepers have killed about 15,200 terrorists. 

Moreover the mission monitors implementation of ceasefire agreements. They facilitate political reconciliation and deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Mali. 

There are two other missions operating in Mali apart from MINUSMA. These are the European Union Missions EUCAP Sahel Mali and EUTM Mali. 

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