AUKUS: France against the anti-Chinese alliance

The new alliance AUKUS between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia has already sparked a storm of discussion and criticism in world politics.

China, meanwhile, has made aggressive statements of direct concern to the anti-China coalition, but France has also called it a “blow from behind.”

France’s reaction on AUKUS

The United States and France have been friends since the war of independence, but for the first time, France recall its ambassador to the United States.

For the first time in history, the French ambassador to the United States will return temporarily to Paris. France says a new agreement between the three countries will disrupt world peace.

France, on the other hand, has said that Australia has broken their trust, as a result of which Australia’s agreement with France has been canceled.

Criticizing the newly formed alliance, France said the US decision was reminiscent of Donald Trump’s. The country also said that Donald Trump could have made such a decision.

Australia, meanwhile, signed a deal in 2016 to build submarines from France’s Naval Group, which was scrapped due to a newly formed alliance.

France says we have a relationship of trust with Australia. But Australia has broken our trust.

Even just two weeks ago, Australian President Scott Morrison told France in the morning that he was committed to building submarines from France.

In just two weeks, such a change in Australia has been described as dramatic. It should be noted that the submarine deal between France and Australia was worth about 40 million US dollars.

About the AUKUS

AUKUS is a military alliance formed between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The deal says the United States and the United Kingdom will help Australia build a nuclear submarine, which has already been widely criticized in world politics.

image: submarine

On 15 September 2021, the three countries announced that the alliance had been formed to enhance friendly relations between them.

However, the agreement covers not only nuclear submarines but also modern technology such as artificial intelligence. The purpose ofimage: submarine this alliance is to ensure collective security.

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China’s response

China has already criticized the newly formed alliance, AUKUS. China pointed the agreement as ‘extreme irresponsibility’ and ‘narrow mind set’.

Meanwhile, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman criticized the alliance, saying it would disrupt regional peace. He added that it directly threats to Chinese security.

The country’s state-run media has made similar statements that the new agreement between the three countries is part of the “Cold War mentality.” It not brings good for them also.

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Changing global order and analyst’s concern

The newly formed alliance between the United States and Australia, popularly known as AUKUS, is a significant event in current world politics. Analysts claim that this decision could change the course of current world politics.

According to the agreement signed between the three countries, the United States and the United Kingdom will help Australia to build a nuclear submarine. As a result, Australia will soon become the seventh submarine power in the world.

Analysts claim such a decision would make Australia an adversary to China, which would help reduce China’s dominance in the Indo-Pacific region.

In fact, the agreement would further strengthen US influence in the Indo-Pacific region, and could lead to further deterioration of relations between Japan and China in the South China Sea.

Image: war

Analysts believe that the newly formed alliance of the three countries could lead the world to a new arms race. This will motivate China to take part in the war.

In fact, such a decision has further fueled China’s aggressive stance. Analysts have also claimed that it is one of the few large arms supplies recently.

On the other hand, relations between Britain and China are deteriorating due to the newly formed alliance. There has also been unrest between France and the United States who were friends with each other.

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