Automatic Weapon: UN and disputes of member states

Disputes have resurfaced between the member states of the United Nations over the management of automatic weapon with artificial intelligence.

In 2017, the United Nations signed a milestone agreement on the management of lethal automatic weapons. The conference, which began this year, will continue until next October.

Countries such as the United States and Russia are developing such weapons. In addition to the two veto powers, a number of countries other than the United States have been cautious about complying with sanctions. On the other hand, Austria and South Africa has been called for decreasing the stock.

What is a lethal automatic weapon?

A deadly automatic weapon is a type of weapon controlled by artificial intelligence that is a threat to security. It can be called a deadly robot.

Commonly known as the Killer Robot is an artificial intelligence automatic lethal weapon known as the God of Thunder in the United Kingdom. This is the worst abuse of robotics.

Use of lethal automatic weapon

Artificial intelligence has long been used in the manufacture of weapons. Although no country has yet fully used lethal automatic weapons with artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is also being used in the use and control of nuclear weapons.

Countries with nuclear weapons include the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, France, North Korea, and other countries that have lethal automatic weapons in their arsenals. Besides it Israel Pakistan and India are also developing he deadly weapon.

using drone for collecting information

By the mid-1960s, about 70,000 nuclear weapons were known to exist. But it is estimated that there are still about 14,000 nuclear weapons. (Source: BBC)

So far, lethal automatic weapons with artificial intelligence have been used in matters such as drone operations and data collection.

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The horrors of lethal automatic weapons

There are several reasons for the global insecurity created by deadly automatic weapons. First, it is possible to carry out mass killings using artificial intelligence automatic weapons. Second, by hacking the data of these artificial intelligence robots, hackers can easily destroy the world.

Stephen Hawking, a world-renowned physicist on artificial intelligence, said that artificial intelligence is a big mistake. The secretary general of United Nations, Antonio Gutierrez state that the using of automatic weapon is a disgusting thing.

The use of automatic lethal weapons with artificial intelligence and its consequences are usually hazy. Experts say that these weapons are unable to distinguish between an armed soldier and a small child.

On the other hand, once the lethal automatic weapons are fired, it is not possible to stop them if there is any disturbance in the communication system. As a result, even if it kills people indiscriminately, it will be impossible for the people involved in its operation to control it.

As a result, lethal automatic weapons can cause war crimes. In this case, due to technical issues, the person involved in its management will be easily acquitted in the trial. After all this, the risk of hacking also remains.

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UN initiative to eliminate deadly weapons

In 2017, for the first time, 122 states signed an agreement to prevent the development of lethal weapons, including nuclear weapons.

However, the agreement needed final approval from 50 states to become law. Although the agreement was ratified by Honduras in 2020, five veto-wielding states still opposed it.

Robot with artificial intelligence

The United Kingdom has stated directly that it does not think such a UN initiative would prevent the development of nuclear weapons.

But the UN initiative was welcomed by organizations such as ICANN, which has called for banning the use of nuclear weapons and the use of threats. It should be noted that in 1995 the United Nations was able to sign an effective treaty to prevent the development of powerful lasers capable of blinding.

However, the recent reluctance of the superpowers for lethal automatic weapons is leading the world to crisis. This is leading to increasing instability in the international arena. Because all countries can stock such types of weapon in name of ‘war on terror‘ and increase insecurity.

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