Bagram Airbase Evacuated by US army

The Taliban has welcomed the evacuation of Bagram Airbase by the United States.

According to news agency sources, the Taliban spokesman said that the withdrawal of US troops would pave the way for Afghans to decide on the future.

Withdrawal Is Continuing

It should be noted that the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan is continuing. NATO and US forces have left Bagram Airbase. The United States has handed over Bagram Air Base to Afghan forces after 20 years.

US officials said on condition of anonymity that Bagram Air Base had been handed over entirely to the Afghan National Security Defense Force.

Bagram Airbase

This airbase has been the backbone of US strategic operations in Afghanistan. And was used in operations against the Taliban for two decades.

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The U.S. military and NATO are in the final stages of ending a 20-year military presence in Afghanistan. With all troop withdrawals expected to be completed by the September 11 deadline.

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