Baltic Countries: Russia looks expanding to the region!

Baltic countries or Baltic States my geopolitical terminology that defines the three countries Estonia Latvia and Lithuania. Recently the expansion of Russia to the region makes concern for world leader.

Russia once was a great Tsar Empire. It stretched from Baltic to Caucasus to Central Asia. More than 16 countries on today’s world map were part of it. Although without them today it’s the largest country in terms of land. But it looks like it is expanding to it’s past glorious day territories and specially to the Baltic States.

Russia grabbed Crimea when it desired. It pressured Ukraine not to think again about Crimea. Russia intervened militarily in Georgia in 2008. And made two parts of Georgian land autonomous from the mainland country. It looks like Russia is spreading its power to it’s former Tsar empire’s region gradually day by day. 

Baltic countries in Tsar Empire

Russian history of the Tsar Empire has deep conflicts with surrounding powers. It fought 12 wars with the former Ottoman Empire of Turkey. These wars were spread over 400 years. Likewise, the Tsar Empire remained in conflict with Iranian empire. US-Soviet Union cold war is world famous.

Being a major player in overall history. Russia never gave full access to it’s rivals to operate in the heartland of Asia. That is Central Asia mostly. What we are seeing now is that Russia is expanding its role to influence more countries. Just to fetch back it’s past colonies or land. 

Developments Occuring In The Baltic Region

Baltic Countries are somewhere close to Baltic sea. Countries include Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. And Belarus is also there. Where Russian puppet president Lukashenko is ruling. A big belarusian population is not happy with president Lukashenko. Protests have been rising since August month of last year when Lukashenko came into power again.

Belarus is presently serving as a buffer zone between Russia and NATO. There is a very close border line between Russian Enclave and Poland-Belarus Border. Lukashenko has shown its intention recently. That they want to merge in Russia with having their own sovereignty. 

If it happens so then Russia can easily swallow three more Baltic countries that come trapped in the region. Namely Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. So a very interesting situation is developing in Baltic Countries. 

Lukashenko To Amend Constitution

As said Belarusian President Lukashenko is backed by Putin. So he is trying to defend Russian interests in the region. Recently he announced that his assembly is going to amend the constitution. This constitution is bounding the country to be neutral.

But the amendments are going to be done for the removal of neutrality provisions. It is also expected that a constitution referendum is going to be held soon after proposed amendments. Lukashenko better knows how to maneuver the referendum. 

Lithuania Recognized Taiwan

It is also interesting to know that Lithuania recently has recognized Taiwan. China strongly condemned that move. It called back it’s diplomats from Lithuania urgently. And have sent the Lithuanian ambassador back to his country. China warned Lithuania of the worst consequences of that. 

We also recall that Baltic countries were former satellite states of Soviet union. And they also remained under the influence of the former Ottoman Empire. They strongly protested recently on the franco-german proposal of Putin-europe summit. 

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Russia Is Likely To Expand Towards Baltic Countries

Russia is continuously showing its aggressive posture on different occasions. Be it Black sea, Baltic or Central Asia. It just finalized military drills with China and Central Asian Allies. It has supersonic missile technologies. That is a big threat for US aircraft warships. 

For a lot of reasons war experts are predicting a big theater of war is going to be staged. Where multi polar powers are struggling to inflict their presence. The same is right for Russia. And we can have an analysis that it is trying to expand to the Baltic Countries rapidly. 

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