Bangladesh approves to purchase Covid-19 vaccine from China

Bangladesh approves the purchase of covid19 vaccine from China.

Judgement was finalized during a meeting of Bangladesh’s cabinet committee for economic affairs.

After the meeting, a senior member of the cabinet commission told the media, Bangladesh will buy vaccines from China.

Bangladesh approves Sinopharm vaccine

The government of Bangladesh will start using the Sinopharm vaccine from next week.

Last Wednesday, the Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh, Li Jiming, handed over a formal batch of vaccines to the Health and Foreign ministers of the country in a ceremony held at the state guest house.

In the light of recent events , the price and number of doses are kept confidential in a non disclosure agreement.

Previously, the price and doses of Sinopharm vaccine has sparked unusual happenings in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is reportedly paying 15 USD per dose for the sinopharm vaccine which is 5 dollars higher than the rates paid by Bangladesh.

“The recent revelation of vaccine prices has created some issues. We have to maintain non-disclosure clauses strictly according to the deal,” Maleque said during a program at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease

Bangladesh was previously using Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine imported from India at the rate of 5 USD per dose.

Bangladesh has kick start the inoculation drive on January 28th to curb the spread of virus.

Whereas Bangladesh suspended the administration of the first dose from April 26th.

As the import from India was halted due to India’s Covid crisis.

Bangladesh approves Sinopharm

Drug regulatory authority of Bangladesh approves the use of Sinopharm vaccine.

So far, 5.8 million Bengalis have received the first dose of the vaccine.

Bangladesh reported 1,608 new cases of Covid-19 and 37 new deaths, generating the number of total cases to 783,737 and the total death toll to 12,248.

Meanwhile, a total of 13 people died at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH) in the last 24 hours till Sunday morning.

Bangladesh recorded highest single day death toll in the country on Sunday

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