Bangladesh lifted travel ban on Israel!

The Israeli government has expressed satisfaction with the lifting of the travel ban on Israel. Since the news of the lifting of the travel ban on Israel in Bangladesh’s new passport, Israeli media  positively published the news. It can be said as the beginning of a diplomatic  relationship.

 Bangladesh has not recognized the state of Israel since independence. Moreover, Bangladesh has not had any diplomatic relations with Israel so far. The passports issued by the Bangladesh government to its people had so many words written ‘valid for all countries except Israel’.  However, the Home Minister said that the ban on travel to Israel has been lifted. However, the Home  Minister has identified this incident only as a political reason. He also said that there are no plans yet on whether to have diplomatic relations with Israel. However, such amendment has been made to preserve international passport standards.  He added that other neighboring South Asian countries do not impose such sanctions on Israel, as well as countries in the Muslim world. As a result, it is not yet clear whether this will change the country’s diplomatic decision. Bangladesh was on the side of the Palestinian people and recognizing Israel means recongnizing its capital Jerusalem. So Israel still has no state recognition by   Bangladesh.

 However, in response to a question on whether a Bangladeshi can travel to Israel, the Home Minister said that a visa is required for a country to travel to. But israel see such an amendment in the passport of Bangladesh as the beginning of diplomatic relations.

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