Bangladesh Rejected US Request And Validity Of Question

Bangladesh Rejected US Request

The US requested Bangladesh to provide temporary shelters to some afghans. As there the process of transition of power to Taliban is ongoing. Desperately many anti Taliban leaders have flown to neighboring countries. Like the former president went to Uzbekistan. Many are in Pakistan. Some are trying to seek shelters in western countries like Europe and America. 

In the wake of all these developments the US contacted the Bangladeshi Foreign office. To request for providing shelter to some of his allied leaders. But Bangladeshi Foreign Minister AK Momen categorically rejected any request of the US. Moreover he said the country cannot take more refugees after giving asylum to many Rohingyans. 

That sounds pretty interesting. Why not the US itself give shelters to its allied people and leaders? Whatever the reasons may be, the Bangladeshi government has reiterated. That it welcomes any government in Afghanistan which comes with people’s support. And is ready to cooperate with them in many sectors.

Validity Of Question

There is a debate in the West that it is wrong for the United States to withdraw from Afghanistan in this way. Surely the West is still not accepting Taliban’s dominance in war. Stunningly Trump is blaming Biden, Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel are also regretting the cuff for such an insulting defeat.

But it was graffiti of fate: it had to happen one day or another. Undoubtedly anyone who intrudes into another’s house will have to vacate the house one day. It was not an abnormal scenario.

The Valid Question Should Be

Realistically the valid question should be: was the US invasion of Afghanistan justified under international law in 2001?  While allegedly no Pakistani or Afghan was involved in the 9/11 attacks.  Even if the US accusation against Osama bin Laden is accepted, regardless of its justification, can’t the US wait for an operation like Abbottabad to target Osama?

How America Will Justify It’s Brutalities In Afghanistan?

To plunder the whole country in pursuit of one individual, was ethical? Carpet bombing, throwing the mother of all bombs, turning mountains and caves into mounds of mud and sand, came under human rights? Killing millions of people who have not been convicted of a crime in any court of law in the world, is an example of humanity?

Was it permissible to inflict unimaginable torture without conviction?  Utilizing Pakistan’s land, sea and air facilities and carrying out drone strikes in Pakistan comes under respect for the sovereignty of an autonomous country? And was it permissible to violate the sanctity of Pakistan’s sovereignty?

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Role Of Republican And Democratic Presidents In Afghan War Debacle

Ruthlessly Republican President Bush ordered an invasion of Afghanistan with a pharaonic claim of victory. Democratic President Obama, despite the desire, could not end the war, nor could it close the Guantanamo Bay prison. Rather, carried around this corpse for eight years.

Then Republican Trump decided to withdraw. But nature kept the debacle for Biden to feel. Ultimately the fact is that the US and NATO allies are responsible for this great massacre in history.   

So the point of the debate should not be in the words of Ghalib. Disgraced, we got out of the coach. Rather, it should be: Was there any legal justification for the US invasion of Afghanistan with this cruelty?  

This is really an insulting moment for the US that it is requesting shelter from Bangladesh. And more humiliating is that Bangladesh is rejecting their request. In addition to this it is the American experience from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Explains: “The persecution of history is that no one learns from history”

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