Bangladeshi Immigrants In India: CAA Explanation

To understand the problem of Bangladeshi Immigrants in India, let’s go back to 2014. PM Modi was giving a speech. He said ‘After 16th May, these Bangladeshis will pack their bags and run away.

Understanding the problem

Friends, the issue of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants in the North-Eastern part of our country, especially Assam, is a very sensitive issue.

On the basis of this issue, the Northeastern states have voted for Narendra Modi and BJP. As you have just read the saying that he will make the Bangladeshi runaway or stop the illegal immigration.

But nothing of this sort happened. And just like the other things, the Indian prime minister’s promise also turned out to be just a Jumla (fake). Nothing was done to stop illegal immigration. In Fact, the Citizen Amendment Act is promoting it.

Explanation Of CAA

This act is changing the definition of illegal immigrants. Or you can say that it is a very easy way for them to become legal citizens and give citizenship.

Till now if someone wants to get Indian citizenship by naturalization process. Then they had to stay in India for 11 years continuously. But after this act, this 11 years limit will be reduced to just 6 years.

So, one, the time to become a citizen is reduced to very less, almost half. And second, illegal immigrants will get the chance to become citizens. Until now only legal immigrants could become citizens. But this is giving a chance to the illegal immigrants too.

The third problem with this act is that it is very biased in terms of religion. This act is made only for Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, and Parsis. That means here Muslims and Atheists are not mentioned.

For this the Government says. Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are Indian neighboring countries. There the minorities are facing a lot of discrimination.

But the bigger issue than this is that Friends, people of Assam don’t want any kind of immigration to come in their state.

Whether they are Hindus or Muslims. They don’t want any kind of illegal immigrants.

Because since 1948,  the state of Assam is within the border of Bangladesh. Many immigrants, refugees have come from there in case of any problem.

So due to the immigration of people, Assam’s resources are badly affected. And  Assam has had enough of this. And they don’t want it anymore.

Author’s View About CAA

Whether you are against or for making refugees stay in India. Giving away citizenship so easily is not right. Because, imagine if your neighbor’s house caught fire, you will make him stay in your house for a few days, but not permanently. After his house is again made, he will again shift back to his house.

And you can help them to make their house. Or help them to buy a new one.  But you can’t ask them to stay in your house permanently for a lifetime.

So, this situation can be compared with the refugees as well. Because the Hindu population of Bangladesh is 1.7 crores. Imagine all of them coming together to stay in India.

India Can’t Take Further Burden Of Immigrants

How will India face this burden? If all these people come to India then where will they stay? Will the Government provide housing to them or will they stay in the slums?

Already so many people in India live in slums. Who will look after the educational expenses of all these people? What about their health care? their employment? is the government taking responsibility for their jobs?

The government is not giving guarantees of any such thing in this act. So these people will come and even they will start living in the slums. It will increase poverty. And this is not going to be good for either India or for them.

Indian Government has not thought about all of these things. And just doing it for the sake of their vote bank. They think many Hindus will come from there. And they can be polarized. And turned into a good vote bank.

Problems For Assam

And most of the voices raised against this act are from Assam. Since Assam is a bordering state it will have to face the most burden. In Assam, more than 200 organizations, many political parties, and even a few BJP members are protesting against this act. But BJP’s top people like Rajnath Singh and Ram Mahadev are in favor of this act. 

And BJP is not the only party, many other parties have used illegal immigrants as the vote bank. Another name that comes to my mind is Mamta Banerjee. A few years ago even she had tried to do the same. Trying to give citizenship to the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

She has requested to pass a law so that people living for more than 5 years in India will get citizenship. She has even tried to make her vote bank.

But now BJP is in power and even in the center. So BJP can implement this law in actuality and turn this act into law in the entire country.

People of Assam are raising their voices. But this law is going to get passed for the entire country. And Indians will get affected by this.

And this is not the first time that a protest of this kind has taken place in Assam. Between 1979-1985 a very big protest had taken place. Against the illegal immigration coming from Bangladesh.

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History Of Assam Accord

The Assam Accord was signed in 1985 after 6 years of protests. The cut-off date was fixed in this Assam Accord. That was 25th March 1971.

So, when this Assam Accord was signed in 1985. It was decided that all the immigrants who have come before this cut-off date should be granted citizenship. 

But those who have come after this cut-off date. Should be deported and citizenship should not be given to them.

So if we see then this new Amendment act which has come, goes completely against this Assam Accord. And contradicts it all the way.

There Are Other Ways Of Help

Finally, I would like to say to Friends that on the other hand, Indians should understand the situation of those people. Who is actually discriminated against? And face threats to their lives in those countries.

But with the number of numbers, these illegal immigrants are coming to India. Such people are not so affected. And they are not in such great numbers.

I feel if the Indian Government really wants to help them, then they can do a lot of things. But their intentions are not so.

They just want to stay on their vote bank politics. Otherwise, there are many ways to help them.

They can pressurize Bangladesh’s PM to act on this and there are many ways to do it but they don’t want to do it.

So share this article Friends. Spread the truth among the people.

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