Bangladesh’s $1bln Mega Mosques Project

The plan for this mega mosques project was initiated in 2017. Just before the last general elections. It’s reportedly one of the largest enterprises of its kind in the world.

The majority of the mosques in Bangladesh are privately owned.  Which have limited government oversight. But some analysts say the real purpose of the billion-dollar mega mosques project could be political obviously.

Absolutely there is a strategy for reforms. Mosques were previously used for various extremist teachings as well as for radicalization. Such a plan will be foiled through proper teaching in these mosques.

Specific Features Of Mega Mosques Project 

The newly constructed mosque would be open to women unlike most of the country’s other 300 000 mosques.

And many will have libraries and education and cultural centers. One of the special features of this new mosque is their separate floors dedicated to women. which you don’t typically see in other mods.

Women can pray there any time. There are plenty of mosques in the majority of areas. But there are no facilities for women to pray. They are very grateful for this facility.

And there will be 560 such new mosques soon.  Women thank the prime minister for this initiative.

Desired Goals From Mega Mosques Project

The government is now creating separate religion-based parallel social institutions across the country. These mosques will offer a new interpretation of Islam. Which government wants to do it. What they are describing as the moderate one.

And then this mosque will also create a new authority of Islam. Because currently what there is in Bangladesh, the Jamaat e Islami, and the madrasas. 

Now they are going to create a new strand of institutions. And the final point is that these institutions will create a social institution.

Extremism In Bangladesh

There’s been a rise in extremism in Bangladesh in recent years. At least 50 people including atheists, bloggers, religious minorities, gay activists, and foreigners have been killed.

PM Sheikh Hasina’s Vision 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had a ceremony to mark the new mosque project. She urged Islamic scholars, teachers, and guardians to keep young people away from the path of militancy. 

Since 2013 Sheikh Hasina’s government has cracked down on religious parties. She has made secularism part of Bangladesh’s constitution.

Political analysts think the new mosque program is the latest move by the government to cartel the influence of what it considers to be extremist political organizations in the mainly Muslim majority country.

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