Bangladesh coal reserve is running out!

Bangladesh coal reserves will be depleted by 2030. Recently, experts believe that Bangladesh coal reserves are depleting in less than a decade. For a long time, this jewelry has been playing a special role in Bangladesh’s energy production. But since coal mining is not renewable energy for a long time, no other coal mines have been found in Bangladesh so the coal reserves will be depleted very soon.

Developing Bangladesh is now experiencing increasing industrial development. No interest rates need to be set and electric energy is needed to run them. Coal has played a big role in Bangladesh’s power generation. Two sectors, such as natural gas and coal, are nearly in the verge of completion, so experts are worried about what the country’s next source of energy will be. They are looking for renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy of Bangladesh includes hydropower and solar energy. However, it is good to say that hydropower is not able to play such a good role. Even though Bangladesh is a riverine country, the rivers of this country are not devilish. So now it is relying on solar energy as the only alternative and renewable energy source. However, Bangladesh has some problems in generating electricity from solar energy. Most of the time the country receives heavy rainfall. On an average 4 to 5 hours in this country.  As a result, all the solar power plants in the country are out of order for 20 hours a day. To deal with such a situation, experts say that solar energy will not be of much use if it cannot be saved without generating electricity on time.  It is safe to say that there is no current battery in the country to generate electricity and conserve it. The purchase price of such batteries is very high and there are complexities in its conservation.

However, the message of hope in this case is that the process of power generation from solar energy has already reached in Bangladesh.  Experts say that as the country’s natural energy sources are rapidly depleting, solar energy is now the only hope. The country’s natural gas has been on the verge of extinction. No new coal mines have been found on Bangladeshi soil for many years.  Power has been generated for power generation. As a result, Bangladesh is going to face energy crisis very soon.

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