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At present it is impossible to imagine a company without a website. However, the website is not just for any company or organization.  Money can also be made by creating a personal website. And so the tendency to create a website is increasing. When it comes to creating a website, the first thing that comes to mind is buying a domain and hosting. No matter what else you have on your website, you must have domain and hosting, otherwise your website will not be active. And there are many who buy different hosting without realizing it but later it is seen that it is not in their mind or the website is not fully supported. So in today’s program I will talk about some of the important things that you must keep in mind when buying hosting.

 What does hosting mean?

 The most important thing for a website is domain and hosting. Domain is the address of a website. That means your website with that name can be found in the search option. When you search for a website, you must enter the name of the website and add dot com or dot org. These are the domains. And hosting is the place to keep your website.  To put it bluntly, when you create a website, you need to put it on a server. These servers basically give them space to keep your website.  In fact, once you build a website, you can put it on your personal laptop or computer. However, the problem is that your website can not be found on the Internet when your laptop is off. And for this you need a server space that is always open.  And for that there are some giant computers all over the world that are constantly working. Some of these computers rent space, which is called hosting.  Usually different hosting providers will provide you with such hosting services.  Who mention various issues in their package. But those who are new to website management often do not understand the content of such packages so they have to cheat later. Today I will discuss some things that you must keep in mind before buying hosting.

What to keep in mind when buying hosting

Various domestic and foreign hosting providers promise to provide maximum service to their customers. Some of these hosting providers include Godaddy, Blue Host, etc. All these hosting providers offer you different packaging facilities.

 1. Up time

 Before buying hosting, check the server uptime.  The reason you are taking hosting services from any server is so that your website is always online.  This is why up time is important. You never want your hosting service server to go offline. This will prevent your website from showing up on the internet and you will lose a lot of visitors. This uptime is the possibility of your server going offline. So buy hosting from the hosting packages that give you 99.99% or one hundred percent uptime.

 2. Bandwidth

One of the things you need to look at after viewing up time is the bandwidth benefit of the hosting package.  When you enter a website as a user, your megabytes cost is the same as megabytes but the website costs. Which is called bandwidth. So in addition to buying space in the hosting package, you also need to buy enough bandwidth. You can buy bandwidth by targeting your site visitors.  However, it is better to buy 100 to 200 GB of bandwidth in the beginning.

 3. Security certificate

We may often notice that HTTPS precedes the domain of a website. And such websites have a closed lock icon at the beginning.  Basically these issues refer to the security of that website. This means that the user information on your website will be protected.  Having such a certificate will increase the number of visitors to your website, so before taking any hosting service, make sure that it is giving you an SSL certificate.

 4. Advantages of using domain and email

Some web hosting packages allow you to use more than one domain and email. This means that you can use multiple domains and email addresses under a single hosting package.  If you have the potential to create multiple websites, buy this type of hosting package.

 5. Customer support service

 Take a look at the customer support service of the company from which you want to buy hosting. This is a matter of great urgency.  Because any kind of problem can be created on your web site at any moment. Then you may need to talk to the hosting provider company. In this case, if you do not find anyone by calling the hotline of all these providers, but the loss for your website.  So try to buy hosting from all the web hosting providers who have good customer support service.

6. Money back policy

 Lastly, check to see if the package has a money back policy. There are many organizations that guarantee a refund within 15 days or a month. Suppose after buying a hosting you do not like it or your website is not working well. But then there is a need to change that. So try to buy hosting from all the companies that offer money back guarantee of hosting packages.

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