Best Android Tips to Make Your Phone more Useful

Do you know what is the best Android tips to make your phone useful? Technology has been the most useful in this world of globalization.There are a number of computing platforms and after Apple, Android has become the most useful computing platform in the world. 

Android has become larger than iOS even though it is surpassing Windows and macOS. After all the ultimate approaches of Android, it is sometimes found to be confusing. There are different companies like Samsung, Intel, HTC and Nokia etc these have certain other features which are being used. 

best Android tips for your phone

Following are some useful tips that you should know :

Manage your Android Apps

An Android device mostly becomes jammed with multiple apps, images, videos and audio recordings and sometimes with a bundle of documents and files. The device may be slowed or behave erratically due to these things.

In this situation you should know how to monitor and manage resources and repair or remove the obstreperous apps. With Application Manager open, in the Android system settings menu will lead you to remove, delete or repair the apps. 

If an app is not working properly then  first tap Clear cache. You can also  tap Clear data. If that doesn’t work to solve the problem, then you must uninstall the app (by tapping Uninstall). Then restart your device, and reinstall the app.

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Use a Distinct Home Screen

Androids are made up of several home screen designs and themes. There are many other outbound options for the homescreens. 

These will make it easy to use the phone with numerous advantages included. The home screen app made the small icons to become larger, arrange the icons in the way you like, and customize the size, color, and many more options. 

List of top Android home screen launchers:

WP Launcher 

Nova Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Nano Launcher

Holo Launcher

Smart Launcher 

Update your Phone

You should update your Android phone to the latest firmware. This will bring great improvements to your Android functionality. Updating your phone will ensure stability, higher speed of app’s performance and improved connectivity with other new features.

Update option could be found in your Android’s google play store. Here you could update all the apps. Those apps which you update in your Android would perform better, faster and bring new features in them. 

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Find out the Hidden Option

Every Android phone contains a hidden menu in settings. In which there are a set of tools, parameters and options that will help you to gain more control over your phone’s internal settings.

There are many essential settings like USB debugging and animation settings for your phone. These hidden options are called developer options.

These could be found in Android by going to Settings, click on about then you will see build Number. Then immediately tap on the build number and you will see a notification that “you are now a developer”. Go back to settings then you will find a new option at the bottom. At that point you will be able to make changes in your settings. 

Encryption in Android

Encryption is among the most useful options in android. It helps protect your data as no one could access your phone without a decryption pin. 

This will store your data by changing your phone in a scrambled form. It will perform great if your phone has very sensitive data. 

encryption android.

For encryption of your Android follow the instructions. 

Go to settings and tap on security. 

Go to encrypt phone 

The Android will reboot and the process of encryption starts. 

It will take a lot of time you need to charge your battery

Encryption completely protects your stored data which you want to keep safe. 

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