Biden’s Soft Hand On MBS

Before assuming the presidency, Joe Biden called Saudi Arabia an excluded country. Biden also blamed MBS’ involvement in the brutal assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  As president, his administration released a US intelligence report in February. That raised concerns about the Saudi Crown Prince’s hand in the assassination.  The Saudi Crown Prince, known as MBS, has denied the allegations.

Trip Of MBS Younger Brother To USA

Six months after assuming the presidency. The Biden administration has welcomed Muhammad bin Salman’s younger brother. Who is the Saudi Deputy Defense Minister? His name is Prince Khalid bin, Salman.  This is the first visit of a high-ranking Saudi official to the United States since the assassination of Khashoggi in October 2018.

Biden Pardoned MBS?

So does this mean that western powers have pardoned Muhammad bin Salman?

Absolutely not. Human rights groups and the United Nations, in particular, will continue to call for a full and independent inquiry into Khashoggi’s assassination. This murder was high profile. Humanity cannot forget it soon.

How khashoggi Killed?

We can recall easily. That 15 Saudi government officials flew from Riyadh to Istanbul in 2018. Where they waited for the arrival of Jamal bin Khashoggi, a critic of Muhammad bin Salman.  As he stepped into the Saudi consulate. They ran over him and killed him brutally.

KBS Rejected Charges

Biden administration gave red carpet welcome to Prince Khalid bin Salman. He was Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington in 2018.  He initially dismissed allegations. That Saudi consulate is not the location of assassination. Saying it was a “baseless and false” claim.

Turkey Exposed Drama

When Turkey secretly monitored the Saudi consulate. And told the world what actually happened there that day. The Saudi government had to back down. They blamed a private operation of which the administration was unaware. And sentenced several junior officers in a secret case.

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