Big John: The largest triceratops skeleton going to display!

In its time approx 66m years ago, Big John the triceratops, with its colossal collared skull and three attacking horns, it was one of the most dangerous and intimidate dinosaurs. Now the remains of one of the giant masterpieces of the Cretaceous period

It’s basically a herbivore instead of its impressive appearance.

A Paris auction house will just begin to sell in October the world’s biggest known example of the dinosaur triceratops, Which is named ” Big John”. It is such a masterpiece with the astounding skeleton on the show to the public, organizers said Tuesday.


Big John, which is the name of the dinosaur has a skull and bony collar measuring 2.62metres long and 2 meters wide. Its weight is more than 700kg. The two large horns whose weight is more than a meter, and 200 other varied bones that are barely pieced together.

It was lived in Laramidia, an island continent that covers from what is today Alaska to Mexico. It died on an ancient flood plain which is known as the Hell Creek geological formation. Which is located in South Dakota. The plain is consists of sediment with no biological activity. Big John was mainly fossilized and kept.

The bones were aroused in Italy at the Zoic workshop, which specializes in the renovation of prehistoric skeletons. It is predicted that it will sell at 1.2 – 1.5 million euros( $1.4-$1.8million). The auction of dinosaurs sales has been tested very unpredictable in the past.

Alexander Giquello which is associated with Giquello house predicted that; this dinosaur has an export license and there are possibly dozens of buyers of it. Its renovation has done in Trieste in Italy.

A rare allosaurus skeleton which is one of the oldest dinosaurs was auctioned in Paris to an anonymous bidder. For over three million euros, twice its price, in October.

A 67 million years old T-rex skeleton has been sold in New York for approx 31.8$ million. Demolishing records of a dinosaur and far exceeding an estimate of about $6 to $8 million.

In Paris, however, so many dinosaurs did not be able to find bidders after minimum prices were not reached in 2020. A laceration on the collar thinks that the dinosaur has been injured in combat with another triceratops.

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In Giquelo, a spokesperson said;

” Big John has a 60% completed skeleton and with a 75% completed skull is a miracle of nature and its a work of art”


A paleontologist named Iacopo Briano just commanded the reestablishment of Big John. He said that Big John’s skeleton was 5-10% bigger than any of the triceratops which has been found up till now.

“Briano told FranceInter radio that ” it is such a masterpiece and there are only few triceratops skulls around in the world, but oy few of them almost completed”

One of the auctioneers said that such an immense skeleton would be of interest to only a dozen buyers around the world.

Piquillo said that

” Each auction, we see new profiles arrive. I have seen owners of curious places who actually want to invest to attract their viewers. He thinks that there are many people who are interested and passionate about science and paleontology. They are mainly quite young, coming from new technologies; they are in fact that Jurassic Park generation that has seen the movies and has been engaged in this Hollywood myths”

Experts think that the craze for dinosaur skeletons is always in high demand. It is pushing up the prices, to the resentment, and research centers are often unable to raise the funds.

Big John weighs 8 meters long and is expected to bring up to €1.5m. When he will go under the hammer at Paris’s Drouot auction house on 21 October as part of the annual Naturalia sale. The triceratops can be seen between 16 September and 15 October at 13 rue des Archives in the city’s Marais district.

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