Black Magic: History, Mystery And Facts

Black magic is a mysterious activity which is about to bring harm to another person. It is closely related to the devil. Some people used to learn the procedure of black magic and then used it by others for different purposes.

However, black magic is about the powers of supernatural forces. There is a relation between individuals and supernatural powers. Then afterwards, they have the potential to bring harm to others and to control them. 

There are different forms of black magic. The persons who practice it and those who are the victims of it would face dangerous impacts. Thus there is a mystery behind this along with different facts. 

History And Development

Black magic is as old as the history of men and it’s involvement in different rituals. The origin of black magic could be traced to the times of primitive, ritualistic worship of spirits.

Eventually, the practices of black magic became common in the Renaissance era. People began to be involved in a primitive tradition which led them to the greater understanding of worldly systems. 

After a few centuries, the black magic had taken certain different forms. These include: Voodoo, witchcraft, Shamanistic magic, and tribal magic. 

However, black magic is closely linked to religious beliefs. Satanism, a mysterious religion, has its connections with the practices of black magic. There are other religions, showing the realities of black magic. In Islam, the recitation of Quran protects against black magic.

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Black Magic: Mysterious Activities 

Black magic is concerned with different mysterious activities. There are different proofs in the history of black magic. People use it to control another person’s whole life and that’s real. Following are some of the black magic forms. 


Voodoo has its origins from the period of slaves in West African regions. People believed in Voodoo, and they had a voodoo doll. They placed pins in the dolls to harm any person. This may cause serious pain or death. 

Shamanistic Magic

In this magic, the practitioners are the shamans. They do interact with the spirits and devil. He would then be given the powers to heal, cure, the diviner and like. 


Witchcraft is an evil exercise to contact the supernatural powers. This is traditionally about to control people or events through the practices used in Sorcery or magic. Witchcraft was common in the 15th century. 


It is another form of black magic. In this magic, people to foresee the future and fortune. For this purpose they use different methods including cards, bones, runes or other objects. Thus used to rely on stars and movements of planets to make different concepts. 

Why People Go For The evil deed

Black magic is concerned with the objectives to where a normal person could not reach. Also it is concerned with such a power that is enough to harm a powerful person. 

Eventually, people who lack education go for black magic, are selfish and those who don’t believe in themselves. The aims of black magic would be to gain power, knowledge about someone, love, or wealth etc. 

Hence the magicians take time in the procedures and objectives of his clients. Thus he may damage the world of others and have negative impressions in the minds of people. 

Facts About Black Magic

Black magic is something mysterious that not everybody knows about. Some of the facts about black magic include: 

  1. Black magic is horrible, it demands bones and lifeless bodies of animals as spells. It would be too dangerous when sacrificing the children to take their blood. For them it will be a pleasuring act to their devil.
  2. Black magic is not to be controlled if gone wrong. Sometimes the practitioners have to face it’s side effects .
  3. The practitioners must be the slaves of evil spirits. However some believe that spirits would become their slaves. It could be further horrible if practitioners lost their  control over the spirits. 
  4. Black magic works through a food medium. The practitioners prepare substances and mix with the victims food to proceed the magic.
  5. The black magicians must cut off from the world and physical environment. Their physical appearance is badly affected. They too seem horrible and terrifying.
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