Blue Origin To Break Records for Oldest and Youngest Astronauts On July 20 Launch

Blue Origin will break the records of launching Astronauts with the oldest and youngest persons. An old woman of 82 years, Mercury 13 aviator, and a young boy of 18 years will fly on an all-civilian crew. They will take a spaceflight of the Blue origin on July 20, 2021. The flight will take off at 9 am EDT (1300 GMT). The Space flight will be launched from Site One in West Texas near Van Horn.

About Astronauts 

Blur Origin seeks to break two different Astronauts’ age records on its crewed flight with billionaire Jeff Bezos and his brother.

Wally Funk an 82 years old women aviator is best known for participating in NASA’s astronauts’ program in 1960. The other astronaut is Oliver Daemen, an 18 years old student.  

The Astronauts must meet strict rules, relevant education, career experience, and health requirements. They have to be organized and skilled to overcome the age factor. The perfect age for Astronauts is between the 30s and 60s. Both the Astronauts are going to break the records even among the professional group. It is possible that these ages will be challenged again because more space tourists enter the emerging industry. 

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Experiment of Astronaut John Glenn

The oldest Astronaut to travel space before Funk was John Glenn. He was in the Mercury program when funk was excluded from the program due to her gender. At that time women were not allowed to be Astronauts or military pilots until 1970. 

John Glen worked on an experiment inside the space hab module on space shuttle discovery in November 1998. Glen took his first spaceflight in 1963 at a more typical Astronaut age of 40. He wanted to have a second opportunity for space travel. He finally negotiated a return to space travel at the age of 77 to study how microgravity affects aging. This was the first experiment about Astronauts’ age factors. 

Selection of Crew Members in Blue Origin. 

Billionaire founder Jeff Bezos personally invited Wally Funk to the Blue Origin space flight. He wanted her to join him on the debut Crewed flight of New Shepard. The third passenger is Bezos’ brother, Mark. The fourth seat was auctioned to the public to select the higher bidder. $28 million was the highest amount that came out of the bidding. 

The person who bid up to such an amount had to delay the spaceflight due to a scheduling conflict. That’s how Oliver Daemen, 18, gained the fourth seat. He will be the final passenger on the debut New Shepard. Daemen’s father, Joes, offered an undisclosed amount of money for the seat. He is the CEO of Somerset Capital Partners. He got the Astronaut opportunity in favor of his son. 

Daemen to become Youngest Astronaut 

The younger Daemen is to break the age record of Astronauts when he takes off on Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft. Daemen has just passed high school and then decided to study physics. He said that he wanted to be an astronaut from the age of 4 years. Now this teenager is working on a pilot’s license. 

This is not the end of space launches and the challenges of space travel. The New Shepard Shepard spacecraft has begun the journey of space tours with the development of technology and science. 

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