Blue Whale: Interesting Facts about the largest Animal

Blue whale, biologically named as Balaenoptera musculus, is the largest animal ever lived on Earth in Oceans. These Whales are gigantic, ranging in length from 80 to 100 feet (24 to 30 meters).  

Earth is covered with many amazing and fascinating creatures, but the blue whale is such a model of its own. Some of the amazing facts about blue whale are described below: 

Food of Blue Whale

Blue Whales feed on the smallest Marine life. These are shrimp like animals known as krill. A whale consumes upto 36000 kg of krill in a day. Krill is a type of crustacean found all over the world. 

Blue whales also feed on several species of copepods. A type of krill that the whales feed on depends significantly on location. The  reason of why whales take such vast quantities of krill is that they need massive energy requirements. A young blue whale require at least 6.3 Gigajoules of energy  per day. 

Life Span of Blue Whale

Blue whales are the world’s longest living animals. For identifying the age of a blue whale scientists used to count layers of wax in the ears of the whales. They’ve discovered this way the oldest living blue whale was aged around 100 years old. However the average life span ranges from to last 80 to 90 years.

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Where We Find Blue Whales

Blue whales can be found in all oceans except for the Arctic. These are usually more common in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, it would be found at the coasts of Baja California, Mexico, and Monterey, California, and also near the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

These whales spend the summers in the polar waters. During the winters, these migrate closer to the Equator and breed there.

Different Qualities of Blue Whale

Blue whales contain distinct qualities and features which do not match with any other animal. These include:

  • Color of Blue whales:

 Blue whale presents an intense color under the water. While when it comes to the surface, their color changes and become bluish grey. 

  • Blue Whales are Loudest Animals

Blue whales are the loudest animal in the world. The volume of a blue whale reaches 188 decibels. The voices of pulses, groans, and moans can be heard by others from 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) away.

  • Migration of Blue Whales

Blue Whales migrate between tropical waters and polar waters. In the winter season they move towards tropical waters of low latitudes, to reproduce and give birth their offspring. While in sumer season whales migrate to colder polar waters of high latitudes, for feeding purposes. 

  • Reproduction of Blue Whales

Blue whales’ reproductive systems are relatively slow. Their gestation period is between 9 and 16 months. They give birth to only one offspring. The baby whales are called “Calves”. Their weight is about 2 tons. 

  • Blue whales Store Water

Blue whales have the ability to store about 90 tons of water in their jaws. They could even store up to 5000 liters of water in their lungs. 

  • Growth of Blue Whales

Growth of blue whales ranging from 80 to 100 feet (25 to 30 meters). Their weight is high up to 200,000 to 300,000 pounds. This is probably equal to the weight of 30 elephants. 

The heart of the blue whale is huge, weighing about 400 pounds. 

Future of Blue Whales

Blue Whales’ future remains Uncertain. These were greatly hunted in the early 20th century. Their population is continuously decreasing due to different reasons. One of them is the effect of climate change and global warming. 

Blue whales remained in danger also because there is increased hunting of krill from humans. Also man made systems and nuclear power plants have affected marine life so badly. 

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