Brazil and Argentina fans Heating Up In Bangladesh for final

Brazil and Argentina are the main rivals of football legacy. Both are competing for the America Copa Clash in the finals. Bangladeshi masses are die-hard fans of both countries’ football teams. Children are hoisting flags of their favorite football teams on their houses. And some clash incidents have been reported between both football teams fans. Police are on high alert to control any disruption.

Police have also banned gatherings. Fans were arranging these gatherings to collectively watch the Copa America Final. Bangladeshi rural districts are very keen to watch the final match between Brazil and Argentina on Sunday.

In the competition, Brazil has defeated Peru in the semi-final. And now Brazil is all set to clash with Lionel Messi’s Argentina. These long-standing rivalries of South American giants of football teams have a huge fan following in rural Bangladesh. And the police are on high alert to counter any unwanted situation. 

Brahmanbaria Incident Made Police On High Alert

Brahmanbaria is an area that is situated 120 kilometers east of the capital Dhaka. Here as per police chief, Mohammed Amranul Islam incident reported. In which initially two boys disputed on which football team played better. That dispute changed to a street battle. Later parties started fighting with sticks and punches. 

Expecting local disrupted situations because of Sunday’s final match, police are ready for all necessary preparations. It’s very interesting that high-octane Copa America Final matching is affecting law and order situations in Bangladesh that are approximately 15000 kilometers away. 

Police chief Islam informed news agency AFP. That they have barred villagers from watching the final match on big screens. Moreover, police have also conveyed further restrictions to villages to stop collective gatherings. 

Bangladesh A Sports Loving Country

Bangladesh’s first love is cricket. Then after it nation of 168 million population is fond of football sports. Especially World Cup and Copa America are their most awaiting events to watch. 

Sometimes such a passion for sports becomes a tragedy. A 12-year boy died during the 2018 football world cup. Because of contact with electricity when he was trying to hoist the Brazilian flag with an electric pole on road. Similar to that a person with his son got seriously injured in rivalry clashes of fans happened in an area called the central town of Bander.

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