Britain’s ambiguous relationship with the Afghan refugees

The situation built up in Afghanistan, with individuals compelled to escape, show what it means to flee your country and become a refugee. Afghan refugees are living a horrific nightmare!

In the meantime, horrendous scenes are unfolding in Afghanistan as the Taliban are supposedly going house to house. Identifying and making lists of any individual who has worked with the English government.

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Britain relationship with asylum seekers

People who go to the UK to seek asylum become subject to a sluggish administrative machine. Many stand by months for an interview, and a long wait later to find an answer. For the individuals who are declined and appeal, the cycle re-runs and requires years.

A framework that leaves individuals in an in-between state for quite a long time, without the option to work and without the resources to genuinely feel settled.

Britain must help Afghan women

Female Afghan Politicians Are Risking Everything For Their Homeland : NPR
Female Afghan politicians are risking their lives for everything

With the Taliban presently in full control of Afghanistan, ladies in the nation face specific danger to their lives. While the Taliban ensured the protection of ladies’ privileges, Priti Patel told the BBC it was difficult to trust them. She said that the group had a past filled with persecuting ladies and that won’t change for the time being.

During the previous years, various female basic freedoms activists have worked with the English government to propel; gender uniformity, harmony, and security in Afghanistan.

The UK government must do all that it can to help the individuals who have helped the UK mission in Afghanistan.

UK plans to welcome thousands of Afghan refugees

Boris Johnson promises to take in more Afghan refugees | The Economist
people protesting in the favour of the Afghan refugees

Britain on Tuesday declared plans to welcome up to 5,000 Afghans escaping the Taliban during the principal year of the new resettlement program. The program will focus on ladies, girls, and different minorities.

As the circumstance quickly changed throughout the most recent couple of days. It has been hard to clear individuals stuck in different areas of Afghanistan where there is no admittance to an air terminal.

The quantity of individuals anticipating a decision on their shelter guarantee is now at a notable high – including very nearly 3,000 Afghans – New guidelines acquired toward the beginning of this current year will just add to this number.

A criminal offense

The UK government expects to make it a criminal offense to show up in the UK without clearance. Thus, presenting harder sentences for those found doing as such.

When parliament approves the progressions, regardless of whether somebody enters the UK legitimately or wrongfully will influence the progression of their shelter claim and their status in the UK.

Steve Valdez-Symonds, the refugee and migrant director at Amnesty International UK, said: It was nonsensical for Britain to close its boundaries to refugees. While anticipating that Iran and Pakistan should keep their lines open to permit individuals to escape.

Pakistan took in most Afghan refugees

Deadline looms for Afghan refugees in Pakistan | Asia News | Al Jazeera
Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Pakistan has verifiably facilitated the most refugees since the Soviet-Afghan conflict. The nation anticipates another 70,000 evacuees this year and the government remains ill-equipped to deal with this emergency.

PM Imran Khan likewise said; the nation is not ready for a huge influx of refugees. However, the public authority is brainstorming a complex strategy. The strategy will place the refugees near the control line.

Afghans in the UK

Approximately, there are around 3,000 pending refuge claims from Afghan nationals. Furthermore, numerous Afghan refuge seekers have been rejected shelter in the UK. Those with pending or declined refuge applications are more restless than before, given the prevailing conditions.

The UK has likewise made escape harder through the policies of refugee acceptance. The Taliban possess artillery, which could make it inconceivable for planes to function. This chance ought to have been gotten a hand on when it was clear the Taliban planned to retake the country. All things considered, the advancement was totally disregarded.

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